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Mette-Marit No Longer Taking Management Courses

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit revealed she did not complete her management studies at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. The news came from a two-part documentary about her which aired on Norwegian television over the weekend.

CP Mette Marit 209x300 Mette Marit No Longer Taking Management Courses

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In the documentary, the Crown Princess claimed she was too busy to complete her master’s degree.

“The program has been so easy until now,” Mette-Marit said on the program. “I have trained myself not to be so good and that not everything had to be perfect, and I think that really is a bit good for me.”

Royal watcher Kjell Arne Totland has been speaking to the Norwegian media, saying he is not surprised the future Queen gave up on her studies.

“It was too difficult to combine studies with work as a Princess and a normal family life. I know that these studies has meant a lot to Mette-Marit and understand that she was upset because she has not been able to complete as planned. Maybe that was why she had to take a timeout in the fall?” Totland said, referring to the private world tour Mette-Marit took with her family in late 2010.

“It is after all a great respect of what she has accomplished and achieved in recent years,” Totland pointed out. “And who knows? Maybe she will take it up again later? I think it is great for Mette-Marit to be able to see the positive and come to the realization that no one can overcome all.”

As of now, there is no word if the Crown Princess would ever continue with her studies.

Sources: TV2, Seher



First Day of School for All Four Belgian Royal Children

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Belgian CP Family 300x254 First Day of School for All Four Belgian Royal Children

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It’s September and most children around the world knows what that means – school starts again!

The four children of Belgium’s Crown Princely couple are no exception. Thursday morning, Philippe and Mathilde took their brood to Sint-Jan-Bergmans College in Brussels. They allowed the media to photograph their children beginning the school year.

The eldest, Princess Elisabeth, is starting fifth grade, while her younger brothers, Princes Gabriel and Emmanuel are going into the third and first grades. Little sister Princess Eleonore begins the pre-school program at the College.

Once they arrived, the children shook hands with the principal and their teachers before settling down for the school year.

Source: Huffington Post

Sverre Magnus’ First Day of School

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Thursday saw Norway’s Prince Sverre Magnus begin school at Jansløkka School in Asker, not far from his family’s palace in the Oslo suburbs. This is the same school elder sister Princess Ingrid Alexandra already attends, and half brother Marius Borg Høiby went there also.

Sverre Magnus School 300x225 Sverre Magnus First Day of School

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The little Prince, who will turn 6 years old on December 3rd, was escorted to Jansløkka at noon by his parents, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and his grandmother, Queen Sonja.

At the school, there was a traditional welcoming ceremony, in which the school’s song was sang and each new student’s name was called. Upon hearing their names, the children went up to their teacher to be greeted.

Afterward, the children went inside and the media was off limits indoors.

By choosing to send their children to Jansløkka School, Haakon and Mette-Marit are breaking with royal tradition by not sending them to more exclusive schools in Oslo. Jansløkka is a local public school.

Prince Sverre Magnus is third in line to the Norwegian throne.

Source: NewsinEnglish.no

Prince Christian Begins Primary School

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Denmark’s Prince Christian had his first day of primary school Friday. The 6 year old Prince is now a student at Tranegårdsskolen, which is a public school instead of a private scho0l. His parents – Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary – wanted to have their son be like any other Danish student.

Prince Christian 1st Day of School 236x300 Prince Christian Begins Primary School

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The day started off with a photo call outside Amalienborg Palace and a couple of brief questions for Christian. One reporter asked him what was in his lunchbox, and he answered that it was a “secret”. Another asked who were his classmates. The little Prince responded, “You don’t need to know that.” Clearly at a young age, Christian is learning how to deal with the press.

After meeting with the press, Frederik and Mary took their son to school. The whole point of the photo call was to keep the media away from the school so it wouldn’t affect the other students. But one newspaper had a photographer there anyway, and he snapped away when Christian and his parents arrived at Tranegårdsskolen.

Although this was the Prince’s first official day of school, he had already met his classmates earlier this week during an orientation session.

This is the first time a Danish royal is attending a public school. Frederik and his brother Prince Joachim attended the exclusive school, Krebs. Even Joachim’s two eldest sons are students there.

Perhaps this is a new trend among royalty. Over in Norway, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, who is second in line to the throne, also attends a local public school near her home.

Source: The Royal Forums Blog

Princess Ariane Begins School

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The youngest daughter of Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima had her first day of school Monday. Princess Ariane, age 4, entered Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar hand in hand with big sisters, Princess Catharina-Amalia, age 7, and 5 year old Princess Alexia.

Arriving at the school, School Director Coenraad Gerard welcomed the royal family and said hello to his new student. Ariane shyly shook his hand and showed him her Hello Kitty backpack.

Big sister Amalia directed her to the where Ariane could hang up her backpack before showing her to room 1A. There, Ariane’s teachers, Yvonne and Carla waited. Those are the same teachers the other young princesses had when they began at Bloemcampschool.

Princess Ariane is fourth in line to the Dutch throne.

Below is a detailed video of her first day of school.

Source: De Gelderlander

South African Princess a Student at University of Georgia

On the outside, Vusani Tshivhase is just another student at the University of Georgia on a Fulbright scholarship. But in truth, she is no ordinary student.

South African Princess South African Princess a Student at University of Georgia

Kathryn Ingall/The Red and Black

“I kind of come from a royal family,” she said. “In a way, I’ve got royal blood flowing in my veins.”

Vusani is the daughter of the King of the Venda tribe in rural northeast South Africa. She is studying health promotion in order to increase the number of health clinics in her region.

The Princess talked to the University’s school newspaper – The Red and Black – about being a tribal princess.

“We do have — I guess you could call it a palace.  It’s not like the Buckingham Palace — it’s more traditional.”

“When you go back to the palace, or the royal kraal, we kind of strip off this city-girl persona and you go back to being that traditional girl,” she said. “You walk around wearing traditional attire and being respectful.”

“When you talk to the king you need to bow,” Vusani said. “He’s my dad at home, but when I talk to my dad outside, I have to bow to him and I cannot look at him straight in the eye.”

Traditional as her father might be, he is looking to modernize some of the old ways. One of them is a festival which includes a dance where the women dance like snakes. As they do that, men watch them and then choose which women they want as a wife.

But Vusani’s father the King wants things to be different.

“Right now my dad is kind of doing away with the fact that people can just come and pick a wife,” she said. “He’s like, ‘I’m not going to do that.  We’re going to keep the dance, but you cannot just pick a wife.’”

However, Vusani is expected to marry someone of her social class, which she considers to be a “downside”.

Until then, this Fulbright scholar is going to continue to enjoy her time at the University of Georgia.

“When you get educated and you move away from home and you go somewhere else and you interact with other people and you learn all this stuff, you change and you grow and whatever you used to settle for is not enough anymore.”

Source: The Red and Black