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Lalla Meryem Opens 7th Annual Children’s Parliament

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The sister of the King of Morocco, Princess Lalla Meryem, chaired the opening of the 7th annual Children’s Parliament this past Saturday. The event, held at the Kingdom’s Parliamentary headquarters, focused on the environment as this year’s topic.

Lalla Meryem Childrens Congress 300x200 Lalla Meryem Opens 7th Annual Childrens Parliament

Maghreb Arabe Presse

As part of the meeting, Lalla Meryem read a statement from King Mohammed VI to those in attendance. In it, the monarch praised the achievements from the past two years, through the regional sessions and the field studies held by the Children’s Parliament. Those studies were done by monitoring of the actual situation of children’s rights in all constituencies, in towns and villages across Morocco.

The King also commended the actions of the members of the Children’s Parliament, whom have raised environmental awareness through campaigns. He added that their actions would soon lead to the preparation of the National Charter for the environment and sustainable development.

After reading her brother’s statement, Princess Lalla Meryem received praise from Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdelouahed Radi, who applauded her initiatives and efficient approaches in the different areas.

“The Children’s Parliament has a become an institution focusing on the concerns and expectations of the upcoming generations in terms of a democratic participation based on citizenship, commitment to the rights and duties of human beings, and awareness of the virtues of dialogue, openness and tolerance,” said Radi.

The Princess received more praise when child MP Dinia Belmahjoub gave a speech where she hailed efforts made by Lalla Meryem to promote the situation of Moroccan children.

Next, Lalla Meryem began a question session with the ministries of Interior, Justice, Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, Health, National education and Moroccan expatriates.

Source: Maghreb Arabe Presse

Lalla Meryem Awarded for Her Work on Womens’ Rights

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King Mohammed VI’s sister, Princess Lalla Meryem, received an award from the World Women Leaders Association in Paris Thursday evening. The Princess won the prize for her work on womens’ issues in her country, Morocco.

Lalla Meryem Paris 300x215 Lalla Meryem Awarded for Her Work on Womens Rights

Maghreb Arabe Presse

“Such a distinction is all the more important as it is granted, as today, to a country from the South,” Princess Lalla Meryem said.

Simone Veil, former speaker of the European Parliament and member of the Académie Française, personally handed Lalla Meryem the award after Nicole Barbin, the association’s chairwoman paid tribute to her.

“In all areas, the struggle of women is part of their condition, but there is one in which they invest their energy, imagination and affection. It is the education of children who tomorrow will support a changing world, “the Princess said in her acceptance speech.

“Be assured, ladies and gentlemen, that this trophy is now presented to me through my person, is dedicated to all those in our country are convinced that the world we want for our children is a world of peace , tolerance and dialogue in respect for differences and similarities of the statement.”

Lalla Meryem won the award over many other distinguished women, some of whom were once presented with the Legion of Honor, France’s highest decoration.

The Association was founded in 2000 “to highlight the women of responsibility and solidarity to promote the role and impact of women in society in order to boost the value of complementarity between men and women can strive for a harmonious mix of powers.”

Sources: Maghreb Arabe Presse, La Matin

Morocco’s Royal Women Busy Helping Their Country

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The wife and sisters of King Mohammed VI were busy these past couple of days. Princesses Lalla Salma, Lalla Meryem and Lalla Amina were all doing their part to either make Morocco a better place or to promote their country. lalla salma oncology 300x200 Moroccos Royal Women Busy Helping Their Country

First with the King’s wife, Lalla Salma. She opened a pediatric oncology center in Casablanca on Friday, as part of her cancer association which she is chairperson of. The center targets children and teenagers affected by blood diseases or cancer coming from the different regions of Morocco. It aims to improve access to treatment and develop autograft activity for sick children by building an intensive care unit.

lalla asmaa 1 Moroccos Royal Women Busy Helping Their CountryNext, the King’s youngest sister, Lalla Asmaa, helped inaugurate the diplomatic circle international charity bazaar in Rabat. The annual event is meant to assist projects of Moroccan NGOs working in education, health and the promotion of rural women and support the action of charity associations in Morocco.

Earlier this month, Princess Lalla Meryem signed a campaign on Morocco’s behalf to UNIFEM’s say no to violence against women. Lalla Meryem is President of the National Union of Moroccan Women and the National Monitoring Agency for Children’s Rights.meryem pledge 300x237 Moroccos Royal Women Busy Helping Their Country

In case you were wondering, the name Lalla means “tulip” in Persian. It was used in a Thomas Moore poem, “Lalla Rookh” about the daughter of a Delhi emperor, and is seen as a symbol of Eastern glamour.

Princess Marie Gives Out Lego Toys in Morocco

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Hours after her pregnancy was announced, Princess Marie of Denmark flew to Rabat, Morocco to give children Lego toys as a way of tightening diplomacy between the two countries. marie morocco 300x192 Princess Marie Gives Out Lego Toys in Morocco

The trip was originally planned for late October, but was rescheduled for this month.

Last night, Marie stepped off the plane and was greeted by Morocco’s Princess Lalla Meryem, who congratulated Marie on her pregnancy.

The next day, Lalla Meryem took Marie to a local orphanage, where the Danish princess gave out the globally popular Lego toy bricks to the children. The Lego toys are Danish made, and was a perfect way to strengthen ties between Denmark and the North African nation.

This was the first time Princess Marie represented Denmark, and she did this alone!

Denmark and Morocco have been working on diplomacy since a new Danish embassy open in Rabat in 2007. Denmark is not held in high esteem in many Muslim countries, ever since Danish newspapers published political cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.