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Princess Caroline of Monaco Is Now A Grandmother

Princess Caroline of Monaco has Become a grandmother

Princess Caroline of Monaco has Become a grandmother.

The fiancee of her eldest son’s fiancée, Colombian heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo, 29, delivered  a baby boy on Thursday 21st March. The family are still to declare the newborn babys name.

The baby’s father, Andrea Casiraghi, 28, is the nephew of Monaco’s reigning sovereign, Prince Albert II. Albert is the son of late American film star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III.

the new child should be third in line to the throne, behind Andrea (who presently bears no title) and Princess Caroline, who’s first.

A royal birth is generally greeted with excitement in Monaco, and will surely be baptised. Already, Andrea’s sister, Charlotte has been tipped to be godmother.

The reality that the duo were expecting was never formally heralded, although hearsays were corroborated in November when Tatiana was spied with an ample bump.

Tatiana and Andrea, who declared their engagement in July last year, are comparatively publicity-shy.

Explaining why she blackballs photographer’s attention, Tatiana at one time stated: ‘I do not like being snapped. That’s why I always look offended.’

Tatiana is the daughter of the late Julio Santo Domingo, named by Forbes in 2011 as the second richest man in Colombia, and Vera Rechulski , a former Brazilian socialite from Sao Paolo currently living in Paris.

They have known each other for 8 years and encountered each other whilst learning at the same school in Paris.

No date has been made for the royal wedding but it’s inferred it will happen this year.

Andrea is the son of the late Stefano Casiraghi, the 2nd husband of Caroline, who perished in a boating accident off Monte Carlo in 1990.

The Monaco princes’ lives are not without past controversy.

Andrea Casiraghi Engaged to Tatiana Santo Domingo

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Andrea Casiraghi Tatiana Santo Domingo 184x300 Andrea Casiraghi Engaged to Tatiana Santo Domingo

The eldest son of Monaco’s Princess Caroline announced Monday his intention to wed longtime girlfriend, Tatiana Santo Domingo. The announcement comes one year after the civil wedding of Monaco sovereign Prince Albert II to Charlene Wittstock.

Andrea Casiraghi, age 28, has been dating Colombian-born Tatiana for seven years. It is believed they met through Andrea’s sister, Charlotte, whom she attended l’École Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel in Paris. Tatiana is the granddaughter of the late Julio Mario Santo Domingo, the second richest man in Colombia, according to Forbes magazine.

The couple will marry next year, but no official date has been set yet.

Andrea is the son of Princess Caroline’s second husband, Stefano Casiraghi, who died in 1990. He is second in line to the Monegasque throne, after his mother.

Source: Vogue (Italian), El Pais

Princess Caroline Opens Princess Grace Fashion Exhibit

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On Monday, Monaco’s Princess Caroline inaugurated the “Princess Grace: Habiller Une Image” fashion exhibit at the Villa Sabeur at the Nouveau Museé National de Monaco.

Princess Caroline exhibit 300x199 Princess Caroline Opens Princess Grace Fashion Exhibit

Separate from the globally touring exhibit about the late Princess’ style, this one is based on a collaboration between the Scottish fashion house Pringle of Scotland and the students at the famed Central Saint Martins College of Art And Design Fashion Courses. The students recreated Grace’s unique style through research provided by personal contacts of Monaco’s Palace, plus other institutions in the Principality including the Prince’s Palace Archives and Library, the Archives Audiovisuelles de Monaco, the Bibliothèque Municipale Louis Notari, and the Garden Club of Monaco.

According to the Nouveau Museé National de Monaco, “The research focused on Princess Grace’s daily wardrobe, particularly knitwear and Pringle of Scotland archive styles, and how this was essential to her personal interests and passions.”

The name of the exhibit “Habiller Une Image” translates to “more than a pretty face” and it is derived from a quote Grace said while she was filming a movie in 1955, a year before she married Monegasque Prince Rainier III. “I don’t want to dress up a picture with just my face”

The exhibit officially opened Tuesday and will run until May 20th.

Source: NMNM

Monaco’s Rose Ball 2012

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The principality of Monaco kicked off its annual social season Saturday with the Rose Ball, or Bal de la Rose, which benefits the Foundation de Princesse Grace. It was a night of glamor and celebrity, something Monaco is known for.

Monaco Rose Ball 2012 202x300 Monacos Rose Ball 2012

See more photos of the event here!

Prince Albert II, his wife Princess Charlene, and sister Princess Caroline, arrived together for the event. This year’s theme was “Swinging London” – meaning the style and decor would reflect London during the 1960s. It was Caroline’s idea for this theme.

Princess Charlene wore a simple black strapless gown with a gold bow at the top. Her hair was done in pure 60s style. Princess Caroline wore a black outfit typical of the 1960s.

Also in attendance was Caroline’s daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, who wore an aqua gown with plenty of ruffles.

The decor inside the Salle des Etoiles (Star Room) of the Monaco Sporting Club had the Union Jack, red phone booths, and other designs to give the “Swinging London” look. As it was described in the press release, this evening was not “about nostalgia… it will be an explosion of colour and jollity with a new London generation on stage.”

Celebrities in attendance included English musician Miles Kane, Irish singer Imelda May, Charles and Camilla Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, and Victoria Silvstedt.

Source: Visit Monaco

Princess Caroline Loses Right to Privacy Case

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Tuesday saw the The European Court of Human Rights reject Monaco’s Princess Caroline’s lawsuit of a German magazine that published photos of her and husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover in 2002. This ruling is being seen as giving support to the European media’s right to report on celebrities.

Princess Caroline of Monaco 199x300 Princess Caroline Loses Right to Privacy Case

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The photos were taken while the couple were on skiing trip as Caroline’s father, the late Prince Rainier III, was growing ever more ill. The Princess cited that the magazine, Frau im Spiegel, violated hers and her family’s privacy during the difficult time by publishing the photos alongside a story about the ailing Monegasque ruler.

A German court had initially cited that the media had the right to report on the Monegasque royals “reconciled their obligations of family solidarity with the legitimate needs of their private life.” That was when Princess Caroline and Prince Ernst August took their case to the ECHR in 2008.

The European Court, based in Strasbourg, France, cited Caroline and her lawyers “had not provided any evidence that the photos had been taken in a climate of general harassment, as they had alleged, or that they had been taken secretly.”

“The photo, in the context of the article, did at least to some degree contribute to a debate of general interest,” the European court said in a statement. “The German courts characterization of Prince Rainier’s illness as an event of contemporary society could not be considered unreasonable.”

The Court noted that the Princess has sought privacy for her and her family for many years. In June 2004, she got the ECHR to condemn the German publication of photos of her at the Monte Carlo Beach Club. The court said her rights were violated under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

This ruling could also harm Caroline’s daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi’s chances of winning her lawsuit against the paparazzi, which she filed for last month.

Sources: BBC, New York Times, Wikipedia


Princess Caroline Awarded for Humanitarian Work

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On Monday, Monaco’s Princess Caroline was the recipient of the Menschen in Europa award for her work with AMADE - Association Mondiale des Amis de l’Enfance. The award was given out in Passau, Germany and before the event, Her Royal Highness gave a rare interview about her humanitarianism.

Princess Caroline Award 300x207 Princess Caroline Awarded for Humanitarian Work

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“The situation of children looks today much different,” Caroline told Passauer Neue Presse. “The threats they face have changed considerably over the years. War, malnutrition, the global financial crisis, illiteracy, the AIDS pandemic. . . The challenges have evolved – as well as AMADE – but the core message remains the same as those who wanted to emphasize my mother: children must be the center of all our thoughts and interests.”

AMADE was established 50 years ago by Caroline’s mother, the late Princess Grace. While the Princess is pleased with how much work the charity has done, she believes there is still more to be done.

“If one takes a look back, we have come a long way and have won many battles. But when you look forward is the way, is to go much longer, and there is still fight out many fights.

“More than anything, these children need to feel that they are loved and that they are not violated. The cards, which they were given into the hand of life were purely arbitrary. You have not chosen, as orphans grow up, to lose their parents, have no access to medical care and education have to live in a country that was shattered by war. . . What they need is the feeling of being cared for. Tenderness. Like every other child in the world,” said Caroline.

“It is our responsibility to get involved and try to improve the world, our children will inherit,” she added.

At the gala ceremony, Princess Caroline was awarded by longtime friend, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. She also gave a speech, warning that the current global financial crisis would hurt children in third world countries. “Developing countries will have to pay a price.”

Sources: Passauer Neue Presse, Augsburger-Allgemeine