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Danish Royal Summer Photo Session 2012

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The Danish royal family had their annual summer photo session at Gråsten Friday. Like so many other European royals, the Danish royals allow the media to photograph and film them, probably in order for the media and the public to get glimpses of the children.

Danish Royal Family 300x199 Danish Royal Summer Photo Session 2012

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However, this year saw several missing members. The youngest daughter of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Princess Josephine, was not present because of a fever. Prince Joachim, his wife Princess Marie and all four of his children were not in attendance, as well as Princess Benedikte’s son, Prince Gustav and his longtime partner, Carina Axelsson.

But that didn’t prevent this year’s photo-op from being memorable. 18 month old Prince Vincent stole the show as he played with two little dogs.

At one point, Princess Isabella became the responsible big sister and followed Vincent as he toddled after the dogs. Isabella was not playing to the cameras this time as she had in the past.

This year’s photo session was done in between two heavy shower spells in the area. The media had to stand outside in the first rain while waiting for the Danish royals to come out.

It is believed that the reason why Prince Joachim and his family were not at Gråsten was because his second son, Prince Felix, will celebrate his tenth birthday this coming Sunday.

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Sources: BT.dk

New Danish Princess Named Athena

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In Moegeltoender Sunday, the name of Denmark’s newest Princess had her name revealed during her baptism.

Princess Athena Baptism 300x189 New Danish Princess Named Athena

Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie is the daughter of Prince Joachim and his second wife, Princess Marie. She is also the youngest grandchild of Queen Marguerite and Prince Consort Henrik.

The baby princess has three older brothers, Princes Nikolai and Felix from Joachim’s first marriage, and Prince Henrik, who is three years old.

Her godparents are Gregory Grandet, Edouard Cavallier, Carina Axelsson, Julie Mirabaud, Diego de Lavandeyra and Henriette Steenstrup.

Princess Athena was bit fussy during the baptismal ceremony, even waking up crying when the organ started playing.

When it was time for the bishop to pour water over her head, her three brothers, and two cousins – Prince Christian and Princess Isabella – joined Joachim and Marie at the baptismal font.

Princes Nikolai and Felix sat with their grandparents during the service while their father, stepmother and two half-siblings sat at the altar.

But after the service, the two brothers joined Joachim and Marie, and even the Princess placed her arm around Felix.

Princess Athena, born on January 24th, is tenth in line to the Danish throne.

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Charles & Camilla Finish Scandinavian Tour in Denmark

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall completed a ten day visit of Scandinavia earlier this week after going to Denmark, the final stop on their tour. Their Royal Highnesses got a look at Danish churches and eco-friendly towns, plus visited the set of a popular Danish TV show.

UK Denmark 1 300x208 Charles & Camilla Finish Scandinavian Tour in Denmark

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Charles and Camilla arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday and were greeted by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, who received a kiss on the hand by the British heir.

The next day, they went to a service at St. Albans’ Anglican Church, followed by the planting of a tree in The Churchill Park to commemorate their visit.

On Monday, Prince Charles and Crown Prince Frederik laid a wreath at The Citadel and viewed the Eternal Flame and the Memorial Wall. The two then joined a reception for Danish troops who served in Afghanistan and their families.

Later on, Camilla joined her husband for an on-foot guided tour through the town of Elsinore.

UK Denmark 2 260x300 Charles & Camilla Finish Scandinavian Tour in Denmark

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In the evening, there was a banquet held at Christian VII Palace, with Queen Margrethe II, Prince Henrik and the rest of the Danish royals celebrating the British royals’ visit, as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Charles and Camilla toured Scandinavia representing the Queen.

On Tuesday, Frederik took Prince Charles to Gyldenrisparken, Amager, which has several eco-friendly buildings – something Charles is very keen on. The two men took a walking tour of the residential area, a carbon-neutral kindergarten, a home for the elderly, and met members of Gyldenrisparken Residents’ Association.

Meanwhile, Crown Princess Mary took Camilla to the set of the hit Danish TV show, “The Killing”. The Duchess of Cornwall is a big fan of the program and was delighted to get a chance to meet with the actors, producers and see the filming in action.

The series creator, writer Soren Sveistrup, who met the couple at a reception hosted by the British ambassador, said: “Royalty is not the kind of audience you would expect. Prince Charles told me that it was Camilla who introduced him to The Killing.

“He said it was one of the only things they could agree on seeing together.”

UK Denmark 3 300x220 Charles & Camilla Finish Scandinavian Tour in Denmark

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Sofie Grabol, who plays lead detective Sarah Lund, said: “I think it is really surreal. But it’s lovely that she wanted to come here. I told her last night to wear flat shoes. This is not really an inviting place for a royal visit.”

The Duchess received her very own Faroe Island knitwear sweater, something the character Sarah Lund is known for. She also showed off her shooting skills with a prop gun.

After that, Charles and Camilla reunited to visit the VIA University College in Horsens where they saw a display of innovatively developed technology and a 3D modeling laboratory, as well as met some of the university’s British students.

They ended their Scandinavian tour by going to an organic farm, Barritskov, and viewed the packing of organic vegatables.

Sources:Kongehuset.dk, Press Association

Queen Margrethe II Celebrates 40 Years on Throne

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40 years ago on this day, January 14th, King Frederik IX of Denmark passed away from an illness. His eldest daughter and heir, 31 year old Crown Princess Margrethe, became Queen Margrethe II, head of a monarchy with over 1,000 years of history.

Danish Queen 40th Jubilee 300x209 Queen Margrethe II Celebrates 40 Years on Throne

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Today, Her Majesty, her family, and the rest of Denmark celebrated her ruby jubilee. It began with the Queen and her two younger sisters, Princess Benedikte and Anne-Marie, the former Queen of Greece, laying wreaths at the tombs of their parents – King Frederik and Queen Ingrid – at Roskilde Cathedral.

The Queen’s husband, Prince Henrik, her two sons, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, and daughter in law, Crown Princess Mary were also there. Princess Marie is out on maternity leave.

The royal family then boarded a train back to Copenhagen where they were picked up by a horse drawn golden carriage that drove them through the city. Large cheering crowds were there to greet and honor their Queen, affectionately known as Daisy.

At City Hall, reception took place, attended by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja, the former Greek royals, and Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.

During the reception, Her Majesty received a gift from Copenhagen’s mayor and told him the city will have a “special place in her heart” always.

Danish Queen 40th jubilee concert 300x204 Queen Margrethe II Celebrates 40 Years on Throne

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Afterward, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik stood on the balcony where about 5,000 cheered for her below.

A recent poll shows nearly 80 percent of Danes approve of the monarchy, making it perhaps the most popular in Europe. When the Queen took over the institution, it was a lot less popular.

Margrethe has been able to “modernize an ageing monarchy and adapt it to the evolving society,” explained Lars Hovbakke Soerensen, a historian at the University of Copenhagen.

In the evening, a gala concert was held with the Danish royals dressed up. The concert included ballet and music conducted by Markus Lethinen.

Tomorrow, Queen Margrethe will hold her 500th state council meeting with the cabinet, plus attend a church service and banquet.

Sources: Sky News, AP, Deutsche Presse Agentur


Danish New Year Celebration 2012

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Every January, the Danish royal court celebrates the new year with a series of gala events. For the first day of the new year, the court invites members of the government and the court.

CP Frederik CP Mary 242x300 Danish New Year Celebration 2012

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Prince Joachim was the first to arrive for the banquet and he was solo this year. This is because his wife, Princess Marie, is on maternity leave.

The crown princely couple were scheduled to come next, but there was a delay. So, Queen Margrethe II and husband Prince Henrik arrived. The Queen, who will mark 40 years as monarch later this month, wore a rose colored gown she had worn during the celebrations for her 70th birthday in 2009.

Frederik and Mary pulled up at the palace last. The Crown Princess wore a long sleeved red velvet gown with a train. It was the same gown she wore to the same event in 2007. But back then she was pregnant with Princess Isabella, and for this year, her dress was restitched for her slim figure.

The New Year Court banquet takes place at Christian VII’s Palace at Amalienborg and it features a four-course menu where, among other things, potato soup, pheasant and marcel cake were served.

It has been a tradition, with the exception of a few years, since 1598 for the Danish monarch to celebrate the new year in this fashion.

Sources: SN.dk

Opening of Danish Parliament 2011

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The Danish Parliament was officially opened Tuesday, and the royal family of Denmark were there to witness it.

Opening of Danish Parliament 300x199 Opening of Danish Parliament 2011

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Princess Benedikte, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were the first to arrive. They were followed by the Crown Princely couple, Frederik and Mary. The group waited a few minutes before the regal couple – Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik – arrived.

As they waited, the five chatted with each other. At one point, Joachim and Marie put their arms around each other. The two are expecting their second child in January.

Then Her Majesty and her husband showed up. The Queen was wearing a pink outfit she has worn a few times before. Its been noticeable that Margrethe has been recycling her clothes more so than any royal in Europe.

Different this year, though, when she greeted members of her family, the Queen kissed her sons and daughter in laws on the cheek, rather than simply shaking their hands.

Inside the Parliament, or Folketinget as the Danes call it, the royal family sat in a balcony and watched as politicians made their speeches opening the political year.

As they do each year, the royals made no secret they were bored during inauguration. Some were even photographed staring off into space or rolling their eyes.

Source: TV2