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A Look at Prince Carl Philip’s Nightclub Brawl

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It’s been a few days since Swedish Prince Carl Philip was involved in a scuffle outside a Cannes nightclub on Saturday, but the story remains in the headlines in Sweden and among royal watchers.

Here’s a recap for those who do not know: Carl Philip and his girlfriend, Sofia Hellqvist, went to the exclusive club, Le Baoli for some late summer partying. When the couple exited the club at 3 a.m., an unknown man began to attack the Prince, by grabbing him by the neck and slapping him. Carl Philip feel the ground as a result. Ms. Hellqvist was said to be distraught and calling out, “No, honey!” while her boyfriend was being assaulted, and dove to be at his side when he fell.

Supposedly, the couple’s friends got involved, but Carl Philip told the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, that this was not really the case.

“I would like to emphasize that it was the actions of my good friends which ensured that this sad situation ended OK,” he said.

Sofia also took part in the interview, giving her and her boyfriend’s take on the brawl. It is rather unusual for royals from any country to speak to the media about something personal, albeit a public incident.

Even the Swedish Royal Court made a statement. “He is staying in France and he is doing just fine. There is no damage and so on. Somehow, he tries to move on now”, says the court information officer Bertil Ternert.

Rumor has it that the unknown attacker insulted Sofia, and Carl Philip was defending her. No charges have been filed yet, and supposedly, the French police are investigating the matter.

Many in Sweden are said to be displeased with the Prince’s behavior. The 33 year-old has been criticized for living the playboy lifestyle while not focusing on royal duties. Even his choice of a girlfriend has been looked down upon. Sofia used to do nude modeling and took part in a risque Swedish reality show before she began dating the Prince two years ago.

Despite the public opinion, the royal family is said to have accepted Sofia as Carl Philip’s girlfriend. Sometimes Their Majesties King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia go on vacations with the couple. In July, the two were seen with Carl Philip’s sisters, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine and their significant others – Prince Daniel and Chris O’Neill – at a concert in Solliden.

However, this brawl is said to have made the King and Queen concerned that their only son is not taking his role as member of the monarchy seriously and is making their family look poorly. Only time will tell if anything really happens after this.

In the meantime, the Swedish media keeps discussing this issue and the controversial couple. Svensk Damtidning even went so far as speculating that Carl Philip and Sofia are set to announce their engagement in its latest issue. Rumors of a wedding in the works have been around for a while, but again, only time will tell.

Below is a video via cellphone of the brawl:

Sources: Daily Mail, Svensk Damtidning



Baptism of Princess Estelle of Sweden

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The newest royal heir of Sweden was baptized today at the royal chapel at Stockholm’s Royal Palace. Proud parents Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel had their three month old baby daughter, Princess Estelle christened in an event televised live throughout the country, plus a few other European nations.

Princess Estelle baptism 204x300 Baptism of Princess Estelle of Sweden

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Victoria and Daniel were all smiles and very doting towards their firstborn child. The Prince held his daughter as he and the Crown Princess entered the chapel. Estelle was wearing the baptismal gown that has been worn by Swedish royals since the early 20th century.

The infant Princess was very alert and very calm during the ceremony. She only let out a burp when Bishop Anders Wejryd poured the water over her head. That made everyone giggle. By the way, the baptismal water is from the island of Öland, where the Swedish royals vacation in the summer.

Estelle’s godparents are Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary, Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon, her uncle, Prince Carl Philip, and Anna Westling Söderström, the sister of Prince Daniel.

After the official baptism was over, proud grandpa King Carl XVI Gustaf bestowed on the baby the Order of the Seraphim, which is given to members of the Swedish royal family and some other heads of state. The King himself was made a member of the Order during his baptism in 1946.

About 400 guests came the event, including Danish Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, Crown Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Luxembourg’s Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his fiancée, Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, and Princess Martha Louise and husband Ari Behn of Norway.

Also in attendance were the significant others of Victoria’s siblings – Sofia Hellqvist, girlfriend of Prince Carl Philip, and Chris O’Neill, boyfriend of Princess Madeleine. This was a major break in tradition as the partners of royals usually do not attend public royal events unless they are officially engaged.

After the christening, there was a reception at the royal palace.

Born on February 23, Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary is second in line to the throne of Sweden.

Princess Estelle Makes Public Debut

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Swedish Royal Family 300x216 Princess Estelle Makes Public Debut

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When a crowd gathered outside the royal palace in Stockholm Monday, they were mainly there to wish King Carl XVI Gustaf a happy 66th birthday.

But the people got a big surprise when the King’s first grandchild, 2 month old Princess Estelle made her royal debut on the balcony with her parents.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel brought their daughter out for the public to see at the end of the celebration, making the people cheer with joy and excitement. Proud father Daniel even held his baby girl’s hand and made it wave to everyone.

Every April 30th, the birthday celebrations at the royal palace include the King meeting with the crowds who give him flowers and sing him a happy birthday, plus an Army Band playing a parade march and a gun salute.

Source: Svensk Damtidning

Charles & Camilla’s First Official Visit to Sweden

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On Thursday, Britain’s Prince Charles made his first ever official visit to Sweden. Although His Royal Highness has made numerous private trips to that country in the past, this was the first he went there on behalf of the British government. He and wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are doing a Scandinavian tour to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

UK Sweden 1 300x193 Charles & Camillas First Official Visit to Sweden

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Upon arriving at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, the couple were greeted by Prince Carl Philip.  It was there that the Swedish air force showed Charles and Camilla their Gripen jets, which were part of NATO’s air strikes in Libya in 2011.

Later on, the couple went to the royal palace where Queen Silvia greeted them. As Queen of Sweden of 36 years, she had long been waiting for this moment.

“It’s very nice since Prince Charles during my time, unfortunately, hasn’t had the possibility to visit earlier,” she reportedly said according to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. “But we have a very close contact with the British royal family and so we’re very happy about their visit.”

At the palace, they also met with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who took Charles and Camilla to Fyrahuset, a major community center in Stockholm. There, they met with local youths and showed their basketball shooting skills. Unfortunately, for Prince Charles, his shots were more or less forgettable.

On Friday, Their Royal Highnesses returned to the palace, this time to lunch with the royal family – including Crown Princess Victoria who made her first public engagement since giving birth to daughter Princess Estelle one month earlier. By looking at her in her bright green dress, one would never had guessed Victoria recently had a baby.

During that lunch, Prince Charles gave a speech where he discussed the close ties between the United Kingdom and Sweden. “I need hardly say that it is the greatest pleasure to return to Sweden after what seems to have been far too long an interval and for what my staff tell me is my first official visit. On this occasion I am so pleased to be able to introduce my darling wife to your country.”

“Your Majesties, within the European Union Britain has no better partner than Sweden in promoting our shared values and goals. Together, the friendship and partnership between our two countries provides a solid foundation on which to continue to build inclusive and responsive societies, fit for purpose in the 21st century.”

After the lunch, Queen Silvia and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited Stockholm’s British International Primary School.

In the evening, Charles and Camilla toured Drottningholm Palace Theatre, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Prince got a try at operating the theatre’s antique machinery, such as its wind and thunder machines.

Saturday will see Their Royal Highnesses head to Denmark, their final stop on their Jubilee tour.

Sources: CBS/AP, The Local, Press Association


Royals at the Vasaloppet Cross Country Ski Race

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This Sunday saw royals – and their relatives – at Sweden’s Vasaloppet cross country ski race. Considered to be the most famous cross country event in the world, the race marked its 90th anniversary this year.

CP Frederik Vasaloppet 246x300 Royals at the Vasaloppet Cross Country Ski Race

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Prince Carl Philip was there to give an opening speech for the race Friday evening at a local church.

“Three properties are required of it going Vasaloppet: determination, willpower and passion,” he said.

“I know there are many families in the municipalities of Malung-Salen, river valley and Mora, who year after year to sacrifice their spring break holiday for year after year, handing out blueberry soup for us to go,” the Prince added.

Carl Philip knows this race well having had participated in 2004.

“Participating in the Open Track was a great experience for me. Since then my ambition was to ride one of the races during Vasaloppet Week again this year I had the opportunity to do so,” he said.

On Sunday, the race began. It is the longest cross country event in Sweden, going from from Salen to Mora in the west near the border with Norway.

Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik clocked in at 6:36:32, coming in at 5531th out of the 14,072 men in the race.

Pippa and James Middleton, Britain’s Prince William’s in-laws, also took part in it for charity. Pippa came in at 412th out of 1734 women contestants clocking in at 7:13:36.

Her younger brother, James, was 10 minutes behind Frederik.

Sources: Dala-Demokraten, SBS

Prince Carl Philip Awards Sweden’s Chef of the Year

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Prince Carl Philip Chef Award 300x199 Prince Carl Philip Awards Swedens Chef of the Year

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Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip was on hand to award the Chef of the Year Wednesday. This year’s winner is Klas Lindberg, a freelance chef who’s dish of fried steak and lobster won him the prestigious title.

The Prince placed a medal around Lindberg’s neck as he expressed his delight over winning. He beat out 147 chefs for this title.

“It feels great,” Lindberg said.

This award ceremony showcases Carl Philip picking up more duties as his older sister, Crown Princess Victoria, goes on maternity leave as she waits for the birth of her first child, due in March.

“We are very happy and proud of the Prince’s participation. The Prince has a great commitment to the Swedish gastronomy and it’s a great honor that he now crowns the Chef of the Year 2012,” says Hannah Halpern, General for the competition.

Sources: Aftonbladet, SVD