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Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco 2012

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The principality of Monaco was buzzing Sunday as the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix took place. The major race car event attracted both the princely family, sports figures and celebrities to the tiny country along the French Riviera.

F1 Grand Prix Monaco 300x219 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco 2012

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Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene watched as the major race car drivers zipped along Monaco’s winding roads. The winner for this year was Australian driver Mark Webber, who was on the Red Bull team. He was awarded the trophy with the Monegasque couple watching, as well as Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi, Albert’s nephews.

Monaco prepped up for the championship starting on Friday, with the Amber Lounge Fashion Show and a charity event on Saturday.  Celebrities such as actor Will Smith, pop singer Nicole Scherzinger, and actress Jennifer Lawrence were present for the events on all three days.

Princess Charlene’s outfit for Sunday seemed fitting for the racing championship – her dress featured turquoise cars speeding around her dress.

There was some controversy when the commentator for the British SKY channel made a tasteless joke about Monaco’s twisting roads: “Some twisty and dangerous roads above us here in Monaco, Princess Grace knows all about them,” said Simon Lazenby, who immediately apologized but angered a lot of viewers.

Princess Grace, the Hollywood actress turned Monegasque Princess, was the mother of Prince Albert II. She did in 1982 after driving off a cliff just outside of Monaco.

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Albert & Charlene Join the Port Wine Brotherhood

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On Friday, Monaco’s Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene flew to Porto, Portugal to be inducted into The Confraria do Vinho do Porto – Port Wine Brotherhood – a knighthood set up in 1982.

Albert Charlene Pierre 300x191 Albert & Charlene Join the Port Wine Brotherhood

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Along with Albert’s nephew, Pierre Casiraghi, the couple arrived at 11am local time at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. After having lunch, they took part in the enthronement ceremony.

At the Palácio da Bolsa, Albert and Charlene were given the rank of Cancelário and the degree of Infanção, respectively. The Cancelário title is given to heads of state, while the rank of Infanção is given to those of “merit distinction with this rank due to their personal prestige or high ranking positions” according to the Brotherhood’s official website.

The enthronement ceremony included receiving insignias, signing the Book of Honour, and swearing an oath to “give my support to the confraria and to continue fighting for the honor of port wine.”

Other members of this Brotherhood include King Juan Carlos of Spain and King Albert II of Belgium.

Learn more about the Brotherhood here.

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Albert & Charlene Tour Sami Territory

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Monaco’s Princely couple are currently on tour of Lapland – the Sami territory in the northernmost corners of Finland and Norway. They arrived in the region within hours of Saturday’s Rose Ball, and traded glamor attire for layers of winter clothing for the cold Arctic weather.

Monaco Sami1 300x199 Albert & Charlene Tour Sami Territory

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A far cry indeed, but Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene did it to learn how environmental changes is affecting the Sami people.

Their Serene Highnesses arrived in Enontekiö, Finland Sunday, where they spent a short while watching a reindeer race in the village of Hetta. During their visit, they mingled with the Sami people and even signed autographs. Prince Albert was described as a friendly man while the local men commented on Charlene’s long legs. The Princess even got a traditional Risku-necklace.

After the race, the couple headed for Kautokeino in northern Norway. There, they learned how climate change and industrialization is hurting the Sami people, who by tradition as reindeer herders.

Albert and Charlene also tried on traditional Sami dress and slept in a Lavvu, a traditional Sami temporary dwelling.

“This is a great experience and I’m very pleased that Charlene is getting to experience it too,” the 54-year-old prince told Norway’s TV 2.

All in all, the Sami people are pleased that the Monegasque royals visited them.

“This is a form of recognition for our region and it is also recognition for the Sami culture,” said Klemet Erland Hætta, the mayor of Kautokeino.

The Sami people are indigenous to the northern most areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the northwestern region of Russia.

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Monaco’s Rose Ball 2012

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The principality of Monaco kicked off its annual social season Saturday with the Rose Ball, or Bal de la Rose, which benefits the Foundation de Princesse Grace. It was a night of glamor and celebrity, something Monaco is known for.

Monaco Rose Ball 2012 202x300 Monacos Rose Ball 2012

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Prince Albert II, his wife Princess Charlene, and sister Princess Caroline, arrived together for the event. This year’s theme was “Swinging London” – meaning the style and decor would reflect London during the 1960s. It was Caroline’s idea for this theme.

Princess Charlene wore a simple black strapless gown with a gold bow at the top. Her hair was done in pure 60s style. Princess Caroline wore a black outfit typical of the 1960s.

Also in attendance was Caroline’s daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, who wore an aqua gown with plenty of ruffles.

The decor inside the Salle des Etoiles (Star Room) of the Monaco Sporting Club had the Union Jack, red phone booths, and other designs to give the “Swinging London” look. As it was described in the press release, this evening was not “about nostalgia… it will be an explosion of colour and jollity with a new London generation on stage.”

Celebrities in attendance included English musician Miles Kane, Irish singer Imelda May, Charles and Camilla Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, and Victoria Silvstedt.

Source: Visit Monaco

Prince Albert II Attends Forum on Preventing Sea Pollution

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Prince Albert Forum italy 300x204 Prince Albert II Attends Forum on Preventing Sea Pollution

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The Sovereign Prince of Monaco was at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy Tuesday, where he took part in an environmental forum called, “Protection of the Mediterranean Sea from Pollution: Past Achievements and Future Challenges”. This conference was organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

“We face a common global challenge that calls for urgent and concrete actions to respond to three major environmental problems of the moment on climate change, biodiversity and ‘water’,” His Serene Highness said in an opening speech.

“And I decided to create” stresses the Prince, “to direct it to the protection of’ environment and sustainable development.”

The forum was attended by Professors Marcello Fontanesi, Tullio Scovazzi, Tommaso Vitale and Lucien Chabason.

At the end of the event, Prince Albert went to the signing of an agreement between the Italian branch of the Foundation and communications group Finelco, creator of the program Mr PLANET. He then went to a gala event to benefit the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

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Prince Albert II Visits West Africa

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Monaco’s sovereign, Prince Albert II, has been on tour of West Africa since Monday. He has been making state visits to Mali and Burkina Faso, countries in which Monaco has economic ties to. The Prince has been aiming to develop those ties.

Monaco Mali 300x209 Prince Albert II Visits West Africa

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His Serene Highness arrived in Bamako, Mali’s capital, on Monday and was greeted by President Amadou Toumani Touré after stepping off the plane.

Albert then opened Monaco’s consulate in Bamako, which would serve as a sort of embassy for the principality. He then toured Mali’s fruit processing, mining and tourism locations, which Monegasque traders may invest in. One fruit processing facility produces mango under the name Monte Carlo Fruits and exports to Europe and North America.

The next day, the Prince visited the construction of a research center that will focus on fighting sickle cell anemia. In Mali, between 5,000 to 6,000 infants are born with the genetic disease. Currently, the center does not have functional units and sufficient expertise to educate patients, their families, the public and medical personnel. But with Monaco’s help, those goals can become a reality.

After seeing the construction site, Albert went to Mali’s National Park, before visiting the National Museum.

On Wednesday, he headed over to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where he met with Blaise Compaore, President of Burkina Faso. The two held a press conference where His Serene Highness praised the country for its development in health, education and spoke of strengthening bilateral cooperation. In return, President Compaore thanked the Prince for coming to the nation.

Albert visited the National Fire Brigade firefighters and the ambulance office and the village of Guié in which the operations are conducted by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Mission Enfance and International Cooperation Monaco.

At the end of his state visit there, Prince Albert will sign a few bilateral agreements with Burkina Faso.

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