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Non-Reigning Royals First to Say Yes to William’s Wedding

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William Catherine 214x300 Non Reigning Royals First to Say Yes to Williams Wedding

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The invitations for the royal event of the year have gone out – via fax rather than traditional invite cards. First on the list of invitees to Prince William’s April wedding to Catherine Middleton were of course, fellow royals. That is part of protocol, likely because of the busy schedule royals have.

But the first royals to RSVP to the wedding are the ones who were removed from their countries. Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia were the very first to say yes. They announced on their website that they are “delighted” to attend the nuptials.

Next are the former Greek royals – King Constantine II, Queen Anne Marie and Crown Prince Pavlos. That is not a surprise because Constantine is William’s godfather. The Prince is also godfather to Pavlos’ eldest son.

The former King and Queen of Romania – Mihai and Anne – will also be present.

Some say it is too early to believe these royals will be at the wedding, although it is quite likely.

“One would assume these royal households took the decision to announce their attendance of their own accord,” a source told This is London.

While royalty received faxes, the other guests will get the traditional cards, with gold lettering on them.

Source: This is London, Telegraph

Prince Nikolaos Marries Tatiana Blatnik

On an island three hours from Athens, the former King of Greece’s second son, Prince Nikolaos, married his longtime girlfriend, Tatiana Blatnik. The nuptials took place at Ayios Nikolaos monastery on Spetses Island. Close friends and family – many of them royalty themselves – saw the happy couple tie the knot.

Prince Nikolaos Princess Tatiana 226x300 Prince Nikolaos Marries Tatiana Blatnik

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Before the wedding, King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie were seen at Ayios Nikolaos, checking in on last minute preparation.

Constantine told AP Television: “As you know, in all of these situations, even the last minute you are preparing.”

By sunset, the wedding guests began to arrive. Crowds and media gathered outside, though they were kept at distance by security.

As the guests arrived, they stopped to pose for the photographers before heading inside the white monastery.

Prince Nikolaos, age 40, came to his wedding by boat. Tatiana Blatnik meanwhile, came in a horse drawn carriage. Dressed in a simple gown of lace and Grecian style thrown in, the bride was given away by her father, Atilio Brillembourg.

What went on during the ceremony remains unknown, as this was a private wedding for a deposed royal family. Greek voters abolished the monarchy in the 1970s, and the family has been living in exile since the late 60s. Currently, most of them are based in London.

After the wedding, Prince Nikolaos and the now Princess Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark emerged from Ayios Nikolaos, arm in arm and very happy. They waved to the crowds as they got into a carriage that sent them to their reception.

Tatiana, age 29 and an events planner for fashion house Diane von Furstenberg, is known as Princess Nikolaos because she is not a princess in her own right; she earned it by being a prince’s wife.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Prince Nikolaos Princess Tatiana kiss 246x300 Prince Nikolaos Marries Tatiana Blatnik

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European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

Crowds and media on the Greek island of Spetses turned out in droves to get a glimpse of one of the biggest royal events of the year: the marriage of Greek Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik.

Nikolaos Tatiana1 198x300 European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

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Though the wedding is Wednesday, the pre-wedding reception took place the night before at the Grace Poseidon Hotel. Royals from all over Europe gave the people a chance to see them as they arrived for the dinner.

Greek Royals 300x192 European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

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Although the monarchy was abolished in Greece in the 1970s, its exiled royal family are allowed to come back for major events such as this wedding. Prince Nikolaos is the second son of King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie.

Spanish Royals 300x199 European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

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Many of the royal coming to this wedding are their relatives. For example, the children of King Juan Carlos of Spain are o Spetses. That is because their mother, Queen Sofia, is Constantine’s sister.

Crown Princess Mary 145x300 European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

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Also related to the Greek royal family are the Danish royals. Queen Anne-Marie is sister to Queen Margrethe II, and therefore is aunt to Crown Prince Frederik and Princes Joachim. Frederik’s wife, Crown Princess Mary, is representing him at the wedding, while Joachim and his wife Princess Marie are also there.

CP Victoria Prince Daniel1 199x300 European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

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Also in attendance are newlyweds Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden, along with the Netherlands’ Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, and Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon.

Maxima Willem Alexander 193x300 European Royals Gather for Greek Royal Wedding

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Though there is much media attention surrounding this wedding, Nikolaos and Tatiana hope the press would keep their distance Wednesday.

“The couple’s wish is to celebrate their wedding with close family and friends in as much a discreet and calm way as possible,” King Constantine’s office said in a statement.

Source: AFP, Getty Images

Gala Concert for Victoria & Daniel

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Victoria Daniel gala concert 206x300 Gala Concert for Victoria & Daniel

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It was a night of celebration as Sweden and royals from all over the world marked Saturday’s wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling. Just like her parents had 34 years ago, Victoria and her fiancè were a given a special concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Stockholm. Pop acts and classical artists played through the night as if it were a final hurrah before tomorrow’s big event.

First arriving at the Hall was the House of Bernadotte. When she got out of the car, Crown Princess Victoria wowed the crowd waiting for her. Beaming and radiating of joy, the Crown Princess waved as the people gave her and Daniel a four-fold cheer.

They walked up the red carpet behind her parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Bringing up the rear were her two younger siblings, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine.

After the Swedish royal family came the friends and relatives of the royal couple, and the Swedish government leaders. Then came the royals from all over Europe, plus Japan and Jordan. The royal guest list even included those who are from deposed monarchies, such as Romania and Serbia.

All in all, 1,600 guests.

Gala Concert Reception 300x199 Gala Concert for Victoria & Daniel

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Once inside, everyone dined amongst each other before the big concert. Those who haven’t seen each other in a while were able to say hello, such as Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary and Spain’s Crown Princess Letizia.

King Carl XVI Gustaf gave a small speech during the dinner, thanking the Prime Minister for allowing the wedding to take place – after all, the wedding of an heir to the throne needs government approval.

“We can all see how happy and engaged the engaged couple looks,” the King went on to say. “They really… You can feel the joy and youth and optimism in their eyes. We can all feel the warmth and happiness also in this hall and during this day.”

At about a quarter to nine local time, all those in attendance were in the Hall. Everyone stood and sang when the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played the Swedish national anthem. Even Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, who’s mother was a Swedish Princess, sang along.

Right after that, the orchestra began to play “Party Song” and right in the middle of the stage, lights went on, illuminating two

Gala Concert 300x199 Gala Concert for Victoria & Daniel

REUTERS/Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

figures holding hands. Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling had made their appearance. They received a standing ovation as they made their way to two seats in the front row especially made for them. With that, the concert began.

It was clearly a joyous occasion for everyone in the Hall. Ballet was performed, the opera classic “Nessun Dorma” was sung – even pop and jazz acts played. The host of the event also poked playful fun at the royals in attendance. At one point, the group Jazz Divas of Scandinavia were about the perform and the host gave a nod to the Scandinavian Crown Princesses – Victoria, Mette-Marit and Mary. The women had a good laugh about it.

But the biggest act to perform that night was probably the 80s Swedish pop duo, Roxette, said to be one of Victoria’s favorite bands. As the band played “The Look,” everyone in the hall clapped along and a few – such as Norway’s Princess Martha Louise – moved their heads to the song. Once done, there was a standing ovation for Roxette.

queencrying2 300x168 Gala Concert for Victoria & Daniel

The concert came to a close when all the singers returned to the stage and together sang Elvis Presley’s classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” As they did with the Roxette song, many of the royals sang along.

Overall, it was an emotional event for everyone. Queen Silvia was seen wiping away some tears and it looked as if King Carl Gustaf was getting teary-eyed. Even Princess Madeleine looked red in the eyes – as did Queen Margrethe and Dutch Queen Beatrix.

With that, the pre-wedding events were over. Tomorrow comes the wedding of the year as Crown Princess Victoria marries her love – and a former gym owner from a small village in central Sweden becomes Prince Daniel.

Source: Expressen, The Royal Forums

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Former King of Greece Announces Son’s Engagement

Today, former Greek monarch, King Constantine II, announced the engagement of his second son, Prince Nikolaos, to longtime girlfriend Tatiana Blatnik. The 40 year-old Prince has been dating the Swiss-born Tatiana for six years, and many royal watchers have been wondering when the two will make their union official.

Nikolaos Tatiana 300x192 Former King of Greece Announces Son’s Engagement

All Over Press/FILE

But now the answer has finally come. The announcement was made on the Greek Royal Family’s website, with one simple message: “HM Queen Anne-Marie and I are delighted to announce the engagement of our son Nikolaos to Tatiana Blatnik.”

Prince Nikolaos is the third child of the deposed King and Queen of Greece. In the past, he reportedly romanced with Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria. But instead, the two found love elsewhere.

With this announcement, 2009 has been an exciting year with a total of three wedding announcements: Victoria’s and her younger sister, Princess Madeleine, and now Nikolaos.

It is not known when the Prince will marry Ms. Blatnik, but rumor has it that it will take place in 2011. Also, the location will be a mystery. Whether it will be in Greece or London or elsewhere, only time will tell.

Former King of Greece Recovering from Heart Surgery

king constantine1 210x300 Former King of Greece Recovering from Heart SurgeryConstantine II, the former King of Greece, is currently recovering from a successful heart operation which took place over the weekend.

The surgery happened at a private hospital, Wellington Hospital in northwest London.

68 year-old Constantine’s wife, Queen Anne-Marie, issued a statement thanking people for their support.

“My family and I would like publicly to extend our gratitude and congratulations to the medical team and the staff at Wellington Hospital for successfully operating on my husband.”

The former King had a heart valve replaced and an artery unblocked during the procedure.

Constantine was King of Greece from 1964 until the country abolished the monarchy in 1973.

The ex-King lives in London with Anne-Marie and their five children.