April 21, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Crown Princess Mary Hurries Off to Dadaab Refugee Camp

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The Crown Princess of Denmark had a change of plans this weekend, when it was decided she would not open a festival in Aarhus with her husband, Crown Prince Frederik. Instead, Crown Princess Mary headed off to Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya where thousands of Somalians are pouring in because of a terrible famine. As patron of the Danish Refugee Council, it is her role to draw attention to such issues.

CP Mary Somalia 300x199 Crown Princess Mary Hurries Off to Dadaab Refugee Camp

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Arriving in Dadaab, the largest refugee site in the world, Mary saw firsthand how Somali refugees are flooding in searching for food.

“It’s been a tough experience, while an experience with hope,” she told Danish reporters.

“Because you must remember that those who reached the camp, they get the help they need. And you can not help but think how those who have nothing, because they probably have it much worse.”

Mary admitted she had prepare herself to see starving children and how she would react to it.

“It’s something you’re not used to and I will say that it is one of the things I’ve had many thoughts before the trip down here – how do I get to react when the filters that we have at home is removed. And I think I am going to respond to it for a long time too.”

She also admitted to keeping her emotions in control. “It’s not something that I stand and cry over their fate. You can see it is a very effective way that the refugees will be received, how quickly they are funneled through, seeing them come quickly to the point where they must beat bearings – set up tent. They are vaccinated against polio, measles – the ones who have it really bad they go to the clinic – which we also visited – where the hard malnourished children and other diseases occur.”

To see video of Crown Princess Mary in Dahaab, click here.

Source: Billed Bladet

Italian Royals Adopt Two Boys From Kenya

Italian Royals Adopted Boys1 200x300 Italian Royals Adopt Two Boys From Kenya

Profimedia.cz, Angeli

Last month, Prince Emmaunel Filiberto and his wife Princess Clotilde of the House of Savoy (former royal family of Italy) went to Kenya, but not for a vacation.

Instead, the Prince and Princess of Venice and Piedmont went to the east African country to adopt two boys from an Italian orphanage, Anakuja Mama. In exclusive photos released today, the couple displayed their new sons, Moses and Alan.

Emmanuel and Clotilde’s two daughters, Vittoria, age 7, and Luisa, age 4, accompanied their parents to Kenya to get their new brothers.

Congratulations to the family!

Source: Profimedia

Queen Sonja Visits Kenyan Refugee Camp

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It was revealed over the weekend that Norway’s Queen Sonja spent last week visiting a refugee camp in northern Kenya. She paid a visit to Dadaab, which is considered to be the world’s largest camp, on behalf of the television campaign, “On the Run from the War.”

Queen Sonja Kenya Camp 300x225 Queen Sonja Visits Kenyan Refugee Camp

Erlend Aas/Scanpix

Upon her arrival, the Queen was greeted by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Secretary General Elisabeth Rasmusson and land managers Hassan Khair in their new headquarters in Dadaab. She was then thoroughly briefed on the situation in the camp and the NRC’s projects in the area. Dadaab is believed to be home to nearly 300,000 refugees, mostly from Somalia, and it increases in thousands each month.

Queen Sonja even visited two families in the camp. One of the families has been in camp since its establishment in 1991, another family had just arrived. Her Majesty got a chance to hear and see what these families are experiencing at Dadaab. She then went on to visit a school set up by the NRC.

Sonja has been involved with the refugee issue since 1974, when she teamed up with “On the Run from the War.” That television campaign is setting up a telethon for October.

Source: Kongehuset.no

Queen Sofia Attends Microfinance Summit in Kenya

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The Queen of Spain traveled to Nairobi Wednesday to go to the Regional Microloan Summit for Africa and the Middle East. Queen Sofia is there to reaffirm how Spain is committed to Kenya’s economic development, and also to see how the NGO Jamii Bora is helping in this.

610x 300x196 Queen Sofia Attends Microfinance Summit in Kenya


When the Queen attended the Summit, the largest on the African continent, she was joined by the Netherlands’ Crown Princess Maxima, who uses her position to promote microfinance.

In her speech, Queen Sofia called microfinance “one of the most powerful engines and solidarity” for Africa’s fight against poverty. She praised Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus for being “able to give shape to an idea so simple and yet so great.”

x610 217x300 Queen Sofia Attends Microfinance Summit in Kenya


The Queen did not forget to also highlight the contribution of private banks and savings banks, with a special reference to Microbank created in 2008 by La Caixa, which has already granted over 60,000 micro-, before inviting all delegates to the World Summit Microcredit will host Spain in the next 14 to 17 November in the city of Valladolid.

“It will be the first time that such a summit is held in a European country,” recalled Queen Sofia, to the applause of the audience, thanking the solidarity of the many anonymous partners through microcredit have helped ” to so many women to regain their dignity. ”

After the summit’s opening ceremony, Sofia went to the Mathare Valley shantytown, just outside of Nairobi. She toured the slum, getting an idea of how the people are starting to benefit from microfinance. The Queen tested  food made by a member of Jamii Bora, which that cooks meals at home and sells them for one US dollar to residents.

Tomorrow, Queen Sofia will head to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to see how Spanish funds help the people in that city get out of poverty.

Sources: El Mundo, Latin American Herald Tribune

Kenya Thanks Crown Prince Naruhito for Japan’s Support

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Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito arrived in the East African country of Kenya late on Wednesday, where he is to do a three day official visit. He was greeted by Vice President Kalonzo Musioka at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport.

Naruhito Kenya 281x300 Kenya Thanks Crown Prince Naruhito for Japans Support

REUTERS/Mohamed Dahir

Naruhito later met with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and discussed ways to strengthen the already strong ties between their countries.

“Japan is a true development partner. There are many projects that the Japanese government has funded, particularly in infrastructural development,” Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said when he welcomed the Crown Prince.

Kibaki also had kind words to say about Japan, praising its “continued financial and technical support” notably in programs to combat climate change, a statement from the presidential office said.

On Thursday, Naruhito visited a Japanese school on the outskirts of Nairobi. There, he listened to the students sing songs in his native tongue.

Naruhito is expected to tour the Sweetwaters game reserve in the Rift Valley Friday, and plant a few trees before visiting an agricultural development institute in Mwea in central Kenya.

Lastly, on Saturday the Crown Prince will visit the national museum in Nairobi before leaving for Japan.

Princess Haya Draws Attention to Food Shortage in Kenya

Dubai’s Princess Haya was in Kenya this weekend, where she campaigned for food aid to the impoverished area.

Princess Haya Kenya 300x251 Princess Haya Draws Attention to Food Shortage in Kenya

PRNewsFoto/Office of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

“As many as 20 million people in the region around the Horn of Africa are suffering from food shortages that have been exacerbated by the prolonged drought. One in every 10 Kenyans needs outside help, and malnutrition rates among young children are rising at an alarming rate,” Princess Haya said. “We must do more.”

As a UN Messenger of Peace, Haya, the wife of the Sheikh of Dubai and half-sister to Jordan’s King Abdullah II, helped give out food to needy people during her visit to Kenya. She also met with President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to discuss ways to fight hunger in the country. In addition, the Princess received briefings from the Haruma Nursing Home Maternal and Child Health project and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. The latter is the largest private effort promoting agricultural production in Africa.

Finally, Princess Haya stopped by the Mathare Youth Sports Association in support of the UN Sport for Development and Peace program. The youth group uses sports training to promote overall education and to help Kenyan children stay 
in  school.

Her trip was organized by the World Food Program (WFP).