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Emanuele Filiberto to Undergo More Surgery to Remove Cancer

Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Venice and Piedmont is facing health problems again. Last November, he had a tumor removed from his nasal septum and claimed he was cancer free.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto 209x300 Emanuele Filiberto to Undergo More Surgery to Remove Cancer

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But maybe not anymore.

On Tuesday, the Prince, who is from Italy’s former royal family, tweeted to his 18,600 followers, saying “Evil has returned. I am in Geneva because tomorrow morning I am working again … This too will pass … ”

“Thanks for all your messages … give me strength …”

Turns out, Emmanuel Filiberto will be going for more surgery at the Cantonal Hospital of Geneva tomorrow morning for more surgery on his nasal septum. He will stay at the hospital until news comes if the cancer is gone or not.

Though he is the heir to the House of Savoy, and would be Crown Prince if Italy still has its monarchy, Emmanuel Filiberto is known as a showman Italy. He won its version of Dancing With The Stars back in 2009, and has a reality show. In fact, he reminded fans of his program to tune in while he is undergoing surgery.

“Even if you are in hospital, not to forget the last episode of # 21 ilprincipiante,” he tweeted.

Italy abolished its monarchy in 1946.

You can follow Emanuele Filiberto on Twitter @efsavoia

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Prince Emmanuel Filiberto Defeats Cancer

Emmanuel Filiberto Clotilde 199x300 Prince Emmanuel Filiberto Defeats Cancer

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Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy recently revealed he had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his nasal septum.

The Prince – who is a member of Italy’s defunct royal house – noticed changes in his voice late last year. At his wife, Princess Clotilde’s urging, he saw a doctor who diagnosed him with cancer.

Emmanuel Filiberto told Diva e Donna he is now cancer free and is enjoying time with his family.

He also in enjoying making reality shows. After winning the Italian version of Dancing With The Stars in 2009, the Prince is now on another show called The Beginner.

He is very popular in Italy, in a celebrity sense. There is not much chance of the House of Savoy regaining their royal status in Italy these days.

Emmanuel Filiberto is the grandson of Italy’s last King  and would be the heir if the monarchy was still around.

Source: Royal News Examiner


Princesses Attend Paris Fashion Shows 2011

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As fashionistas observed the latest collections from the Paris’ biggest designers, they were joined by some princesses. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since many royals are known for their fashion and style. They also have to rely to fashion designers to make them look good when they make their numerous public appearances. But perhaps, royal women just enjoy fashion like many of us do.

Princess Charlene Akris Fashion Show 300x199 Princesses Attend Paris Fashion Shows 2011

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Princess Charlene of Monaco was the first royal to be spotted during Paris Fashion Week. She attended the Akris collection, and sat front row with Vogue editor Anna Wintour not too far from her. Charlene wore an Akris dress during the Red Cross Ball back in August.

Princess Beatrice 199x300 Princesses Attend Paris Fashion Shows 2011

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Princess Beatrice of York was seen at the Elie Saab Ready to Wear Spring/Summer Collection on Wednesday. Dressed in a figure hugging red dress, Beatrice looked dazzling. With her interest in Elie Saab, you can expect the Princess to look beyond dazzling in the future.

Princess Clotilde 191x300 Princesses Attend Paris Fashion Shows 2011

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Princess Clotilde – or simply, Clotilde Courau – was spotted at the Balmain show last week. The French actress turned member of Italy’s deposed House of Savoy is known for her style that is both simple and classy.

Princess Siriwanwaree Nareera 199x300 Princesses Attend Paris Fashion Shows 2011

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But the real royal star of this season’s Paris Fashion Show was Princess Siriwanwaree Nareera of Thailand. Daughter of Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, the Princess has been making waves with her style, especially for the fashion shows. Instead of simple attire, Siriwanwaree wore dark purple lipstick, wide shoulder pads, black lacy dresses and all things avant garde. In addition, she attended not one, but six fashion shows, such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Lanvin. Certainly with her style, this is one royal fashionista to look out for. In fact, she’s a fashion student in Thailand and once unveiled her own collection in Paris.

And hopefully, the other princesses would accept her. While Siriwanwaree was able to sit next to and chat with Princess Clotilde during the Balmain show, she was unable to do the same with Princess Beatrice during the Elie Saab show. According to UK’s Telegraph newspaper, the Thai Princess was blocked from approaching Beatrice by a security guard, who explained she was not going to meet with her. Siriwanwaree was insulted, saying “Is that the sort of Princess you’ve got?”

Source: Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph

Italian Royals Adopt Two Boys From Kenya

Italian Royals Adopted Boys1 200x300 Italian Royals Adopt Two Boys From Kenya, Angeli

Last month, Prince Emmaunel Filiberto and his wife Princess Clotilde of the House of Savoy (former royal family of Italy) went to Kenya, but not for a vacation.

Instead, the Prince and Princess of Venice and Piedmont went to the east African country to adopt two boys from an Italian orphanage, Anakuja Mama. In exclusive photos released today, the couple displayed their new sons, Moses and Alan.

Emmanuel and Clotilde’s two daughters, Vittoria, age 7, and Luisa, age 4, accompanied their parents to Kenya to get their new brothers.

Congratulations to the family!

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Italian Princess: “I Think the Monarchy Will Disappear”

The daughter of the last King of Italy, Princess Maria Gabriella of the House of Savoy, gave an interview this week to a Spanish magazine called Diario de Mallorca. Published on the island of Mallorca, where the Princess likes to spend her summers, the magazine asked her various questions about exile and the state of the Spanish monarchy.

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy 300x195 Italian Princess: I Think the Monarchy Will Disappear

Diario de Mallorca/Cristina Macaya Jr

Q: Do you remember your departure to exile?
A: “Yes, very well. The year was 1946 and we left Italy on board a warship full of cockroaches, but for us, as children, meant the discovery of the world, it was really fun. After a referendum was not clear who gave the victory to. The King would not face the Italians in a civil war and decided to leave.”

Q: What has served you as the daughter of King?
A: “Our family, the Savoy, has over a thousand years of history. Kings reunified Italy in the nineteenth century. My father, during his exile of more than three decades suffered a lot. He left Italy for 46 years. We love your country. But I was very homesick. Maybe that’s why he collected many prints, books, pictures, history … When he died it was divided into four parts. I bought that I belonged to one of my sisters, so now I have about ten thousand prints, both in books and other curious objects. I have a foundation, do exhibitions and conferences. In fact, I love to do a show in Spain with the clothes of my mother, wonders of the fashion of the Court of the 30s.

Q: “It portrays a world that no longer exists …
A: “Yes, everything has changed. The only maintaining these applications is the Queen of England. My mother was the daughter of King Albert I of Belgium and Elisabeth of Bavaria, the niece of Empress Sisi. The women were all fantastic, with many concerns. It was an independent woman opposite to fascism, he saw the disaster, tried to help but not the left. The war years were terrible.

Q: What do you think of the monarchy today?
A: “I think the monarchy will disappear sooner or later. King Juan Carlos has done very well, not to mention the Queen Sofia. Being Queen is a very hard job and it takes dedication to service. I have other concerns, perhaps because I have lived in exile. The prince who does serve should not resign his post and make way for those willing to sacrifice for this institution.

Q;What do you think Letizia?
A: I’ve seen her only once and was the day of her wedding. I think she is smart. She has a difficult role. That’s why I never wanted to marry a King. Not worth it.

Princess Maria Gabriella was also asked about the state of the House of Savoy, and why she supports her cousin, the Duke of Aosta, rather than her brother as head of the family.

“My brother did some things wrong in his life and is not a good representative of the dynasty. It should be like in Germany. People respect heads of families, but when he misbehaves, it is a quick throw for the cousin or little brother,” she said.

Born in 1940, Maria Gabriella now lives in Switzerland, working as a noted Italian historian. She was married once, to Robert Zellinger de Balkany, and has one daughter, Marie Elizabeth and two grandchildren.

Emmanuel Filiberto Aims for European Parliament

The grandson of the last king of Italy announced Tuesday he will head a candidate list of the Christian Democratic party in the June European elections. emanuel filiberto 300x204 Emmanuel Filiberto Aims for European Parliament

“I have been in exile for 31 years and I know Europe well. I speak five languages,” Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy reportedly said during the press conference.

The Prince was referring to Italy’s ban on male members of the ex-royal family from entering Italy until 2002.

“I know half of the current heads of state personally, and the other half I’m related to,” he added, stressing that he would be faithful to the Italian Republic and its constitution.

“I want to make myself useful to my country. The UDC is a party of the centre — far removed from the extreme left and right — with which I share the same Christian values on family and life,” he said.

The UDC, a small Christian democratic party, announced yesterday that the prince would stand in north-west Italy, the origin of Italy’s royal Savoy family.

“Emanuele Filiberto will be a big surprise to Italian and European politics,” said UDC leader Lorenzo Cesa. “He is an extraordinary person and very capable. We are convinced that he will go to Brussels to defend values close to our hearts: the Christian identity and family,” he continued.

Born in Geneva 36 years ago, Emmanuel Filiberto has been working his way into the hearts of the Italian people. Earlier this month, he won Italy’s version of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Last year, he ran for Italian parliament as a member of the “Values and Future” movement, but won only 0.4 percent of the vote.

The Prince is also the latest member of a deposed royal family to get involved in the politics of the country that banned them. In 2001, the former King of Bulgaria became prime minister of his former kingdom.

A few weeks ago, the son in law to the exiled King of Romania announced he will run for the country’s presidency.