April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Swedish Queen Wants Internet Ban On Child Pornography

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Queen Silvia is calling for Sweden to expand their anti-child pornography laws, and make systematic viewing of such material on the Internet illegal. sweden queen 230x300 Swedish Queen Wants Internet Ban On Child Pornography

She wants Sweden to follow in the footsteps of neighboring Denmark and Norway.

“It would be excellent if we could have (a ban) in Sweden too…. It would be very important if we could go as far as Norway and Denmark,” the 64-year-old royal told Swedish public radio on Saturday.

Current Swedish law states that it is a criminal offence to store child porn. Anyone who produces, purchases or is in possession of pornographic images featuring children risks up to six years behind bars in Sweden.

But, as Queen Silvia pointed out, “these pictures and images remain on the Internet” where others can continue to look at them.

“This is about children’s suffering. I think the children come first,” she said.

The mother of three has worked for children’s rights of years. Some of her work include child labor and child slavery.

Experts have in the past noted that the number of people in Sweden who look at child pornography has soared due to the rising use of the Internet, where it is readily available.

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