April 18, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Scandinavian Royals Open New York Art Exhibit

On Thursday evening, five Scandinavian royals – and Finland’s President – opened the art exhibition, Luminous Modernism:
Scandinavian Art Comes to America 1912, at the Scandinavian House in New York.

Scandinavian Royals 300x216 Scandinavian Royals Open New York Art Exhibit

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Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen of Silvia, and Crown Princess Mary were present for the inauguration. All are in New York for tomorrow’s centennial ball for the Scandinavian-American Foundation.

It was Queen Sonja who did the actual ribbon cutting.

The exhibition showcases 48 works by Nordic artists who did modernism style, such as Edvard Munch, Vilhelm Hammershøi,and Anders Zorn.  It is a sort of remake of the 1912 exhibit that displayed the modernism painting style. The exhibit will be open to the public on October 25th and will run until February 11, 2012.

“During the 100 years of its existence,” said Edward P. Gallagher, President of The American-Scandinavian Foundation. “The ASF has played a leadership role in promoting American awareness of Nordic culture. In looking back at the 1912 exhibition of Scandinavian modernists, we pay tribute to our founders’ vision and to a pivotal event in the study and appreciation of Nordic art in this country.”

Source: Scandinavia House

2 thoughts on “Scandinavian Royals Open New York Art Exhibit

  1. Sam

    Does anyone know if the Scandinavian Royals will be coming to the UK for the Queen’s Jubliee. I found the dates here http://www.ukbankholidays2012.com/ would be good to wish them all well if they are visiting London!

  2. Megan M Post author

    Hi Sam,

    So far, I don’t know about any other royals attending Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. But I’m pretty sure there would be an event for them to attend. If not, I’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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