March 29, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Princess Khaliya Khan and Prince Hussain confirm divorce

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Princess Khaliya Khan has confirmed the divorce between herself and Prince Hussain after she purchased a $2.2 million two bedroom Manhatten apartment in a modern Condo building on the Lower East Side.

Featuring gorgeous views overlooking the city, she brought the property in her maiden name, Kristin White.

The couple married in the beautiful Chateau of Chantilly in September 2006 which was used as a backdrop to many James Bond films, in a private ceremony which was followed by a ball for family and friends at the Aga Khan’s estate and in a civil ceremony in which the princess took on the name Khaliya after converting to Islam for her marriage.

The news broke just a few weeks before Prince Hussain’s brother, Prince Rahim Aga Khan(aged 45) celebrated his wedding to American supermodel Kendra Spears (aged25).The eldest son of Aga Khan IV is one of the ten richest royals in the world. Kendra was rechristened Princess Salwa Aga Khan on August 31 in a Muslim ceremony at a palace in Geneva, Switzerland.

Although  it was reported in 2011 that the marriage was in trouble, this was neither confirmed or denied although at a conference earlier in the year which was to announce the launch of her new foundation, Princess Khaliya, when asked about her marriage said.

“I married somebody who is a Prince by honorary decree through the British system because of the aid that they gave to the Indian state during the Battle of Independence….it’s kind of complicated. It’s more of a title that’s connected to a people than to a land.

‘Technically its my husbands domain- my ex-husband’s domain.’

Since purchasing the property she has been enjoying the single life, being spotted at Palm Springs musical festival Coachella in April joining Lady Victoria Hervey and fashion editor Indira Cesarine.

Speaking at Catalyst Week in Las Vegas, Princess Khaliya said: ‘My story is one of listening to your heart, following your intuition and taking paths that are not always the most obvious or the easiest ones – or the most intelligent ones. I think there’s a lesson to be learned in that.’

Prince Hussain’s divorce from Princess Khaliya is a string of maritial breakdowns that have blighted the family of the leader of the world’s 12 million Ismaili Muslims.

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