April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Crown Princess Mary To Visit Malaysia

Crown Princess Mary To Visit Malaysia

Barely eight months after the visit of the Duchess of Cambridge, another stately princess will visit Malaysia to the delight of its people..

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will carry out a four-day trip from May 27- 30th to be at an international conference entitled “Women Deliver”.

She’s been asked to join a panel discussion on womens issues along with former Finnish President Tarja Halonen and UN Development Programme administrator and onetime Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.

“The conference proposes to serve as a worldwide platform to see to it that the health and rights of girls and women persist as the uppermost priority on the international population and development agenda,” said the Denmark Foreign Affairs Ministry on its website.

Crown Princess Mary, similar to Kate Middleton, was likewise a “commoner” prior to their royal marriage.

She wed Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark, on May 14, 2004, after seeing him at a Sydney hotel bar 4 years before. At that time, the prince had been on a sojourn to Australia for the 2000 Olympics.

The princess,  additionally intends to advance Danish-Malaysian business relationships whilst there.

AS reported by the statement, she will travel to a school for Myanmar refugee children, backed by the UN Refugee Agency in Malaysia.

She will likewise get together with victims of gender-based violence at the Women’s Institute of Management.

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  1. crystal noel

    I hope that you donot think I am nosy,but I love cp federik,cp mary of Denmark,j have been bothered about cp mary during the month of july,i saw or heard nothing on the following.mothers day, their 9th anniversary,the confirmation of prince nikolia,saw federik in photo,nothing about mary or their children,i would really like to know,they are my favorite royals,i love love them together as well as singular,i have asked about this 4 times before and all I get I how they met,their wedding events they have been to,of which I love but have seen all this before,so please let me know and show me something,thank you

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