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Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Jean makes rare public appearance

grand duke of luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Jean made a rare public appearance last week when he visited The Family of Man exhibition at the “Château de Clervaux”, accompanied by Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein. Princess Margaretha is the fourth child and second daughter of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Princess Joséphine Charlotte of Belgium. The collection put together by Luxembourg photographer Edward Steichen, has been included in UNESCO’s memory of the world register since 2003. This was Grand Duke Jean’s first visit following the renovation and restoration of the exhibition, which reopened in July 2013. Edward Jean Steichen was an American photographer, painter, and art

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Liechtenstein Prince to Keep Veto Powers

On Sunday, the people of the tiny principality of Liechtenstein voted to allow their ruling Prince to keep his veto powers, thus maintaining the monarchy. Click here to see more photos. Prince Alois, the eldest son of Prince Hans Adam II, had threatened that his family would leave the Alpine country if the people took away his legislative powers. “I want to thank you dearly that with such a convincing ‘yes’ you have agreed to continue the 300-year-old partnership between the people and the royal house, which been so successful up to now,” Prince Hans Adam said, when he and Alois made an appearance in Vaduz Sunday. The issue over taking away the Prince’s right to

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Prince Alois of Liechtenstein Threatens to Quit

Liechtenstein’s hereditary Prince Alois is threatening that he and his ruling family will step down if a referendum eliminated his power to veto laws is passed. Check out more photos at Daylife.com “The royal family is not willing to undertake its political responsibilities unless the prince… has the necessary tools at his disposal,” Alois said in a speech to parliament on March 1. “But if the people are no longer open to that, then the royal family will not want to undertake its political responsibilities and… will completely withdraw from political life.” Earlier this year, citizens of the tiny Alpine principality started to gather names that would

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Liechtenstein Prince Opens Exhibit Dedicated to Ancestor

Click here for image gallery The Prince of Liechtenstein was in the Mikulov region of the Czech Republic Monday where he opened a museum exhibit dedicated to his ancestor, Duke Johann Adam I. Prince Hans Adam II told the audience that he was named after the Duke, who was also the founder of the principality of Liechtenstein. “My father had me baptized as John Adam II and instilled in me from childhood that my ancestor John Adam I was an excellent businessman. That is why I had to go to study economics, I had to build the family fortune again,” His Serene Highness said. The Liechtenstein family owned the Mikulov area from 1249 to 1560. With Prince Hans-Adam II was his wife, Prince

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Liechtenstein Royals Threaten to Veto Referendum to Block Prince’s Powers

Click here to see more photos The princely family of Liechtenstein is threatening to veto the results of a referendum which would take away the ruling Prince’s veto powers. Pro-democracy campaigners are getting signatures across the tiny Alpine principality for a referendum that would prevent Prince Hans Adam II from stopping certain legislatures from becoming law. Late Thursday, the Liechtenstein royals put on their website that they are “astonished” by the move. Since a constitutional referendum in March 2003, the Prince of Liechtenstein gained political powers by two-thirds of the people voting for it. Had he not gained the power to dismiss ministers, nominate and veto laws, Han

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Prince Alois Meets With Heads of German Speaking Countries

Monday saw the Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein hold a meeting with the heads of German speaking nations at Vaduz Castle. The heads of Germany, Austria and Switzerland came to Liechtenstein to discuss with Prince Alois the importance of education. Click here for the gallery at Belga During a media conference, all the German speaking leaders agreed that education was important to combat youth unemployment. Austrian President Heinz Fischer said investments in education were important and meaningful, and should enjoy priority in the future. In agreement, Swiss Federal President Micheline Calmy-Rey mentioned education was necessary for countries with few natural resources. Also during the meet

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