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Prince George on first play date!

prince george

The Duke and duchess of Cambridge are on the third day of their royal visit to New Zealand part of a three week tour of Australia and New Zealand, and the Princes first royal tour. While in New Zealand today Prince George got to enjoy his first play date with ten other toddlers, six girls and four boys, all born within a week of George, although George was one of the larger babies. The Prince made friends as he crawled about on the floor of the playgroup, organised by The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at Government House in Wellington. The prince who has now cut his tow first teeth, with another four or five nearly through, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he crawled ar

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Spanish royals get immunity

Queen Sofía, Crown Prince Felipe

Spanish Royals will be allowed to enjoy immunity from the lower courts, royals such as Queen Sofía, Crown Prince Felipe and his wife, Princess Letizia have all been granted this and will only ever be allowed to be tried by a supreme court if charged with a crime. This new ruling comes since  Felipe’s younger sister, Princess Cristina and her husband Iñaki Urdangarín are still central focus to an on-going court case, in which they are being investigated for fraud. The minister Ruiz-Gallardón said the royals’ immunity had been decided upon now because “now is when the organic law on the judiciary is being reformed,” and denies it has anything to do with the on going case against P

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British papers poke April fools joke at Scottish vote

An independent Scotland would drive on the right, replace the queen’s head on coins and bring in UN peacekeepers with purple berets — if Britain’s newspapers were to believed on April Fool’s Day. The Scottish independence referendum on September 18 provided the subject matter for most of the traditional spoofs in Britain’s largely London-based tabloids and broadsheets on April 1. The Guardian carried a detailed report on supposedly secret plans by the Scottish government to show it is “part of Europe” by switching driving on the left of the road to the right and changing the “M” for motorway on signs to “S” for Scotland. In a

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Swedens Queen buys first Mayflower pin

Mark Renders/Getty Images

On Tuesday 25 March, The Queen bought the year’s first Mayflower pin, as is traditional.  This year, Oumo Bayo and Ruben Söderlund from class 6 at Katarina Södra School in Stockholm had the honour of selling the first Mayflower pin to The Queen. The Queen thanked the children for their good example in showing that they can help other children in difficult situations. This year’s Mayflower pin goes on sale on Tuesday 8 April. The Mayflower Charity Foundation for Children is Sweden’s biggest children’s charity. The organisation works to improve conditions for children, and to tackle child poverty in Sweden. The Queen is the organisation’s highest patron, an

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New Zelanders prank over impending royal visit

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit St Andrews

With a royal visit by Prince William, his wife Kate and their baby son George due shortly in New Zealand, April Fool’s Day pranksters in New Zealand and Australia used it to their advantage to set up a prank. Coach firm InterCity said the British royals had decided to use a humble bus for part of their tour of New Zealand next week “in keeping with their frugal, down-to-earth public image”. “Wills and Kate expressed a desire to see New Zealand like the locals do,” the company quoted ‘royal insider Harold Jest’ as saying. “This way they’ll be able to observe the lovely scenery from an elevated view and partake in some good old-fashioned

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Crown Prince and Princess conclude visit in Ho Chi Minh City

crown prince and princess of norway

Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess concluded their official visit to Vietnam on Friday, their programme focused on Norwegian companies and opportunities for enhancing business cooperation between Norway and Vietnam.s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr Le Hoang Quan. Crown Prince Haakon started the day at a meeting about the ongoing negotiations on a free trade agreement between Vietnam and the EFTA States. The negotiations are scheduled to be concluded at the end of the year and will contribute positively towards further growth in the business cooperation between Norway and Vietnam. DNV GL opened its new offices in the Bitexco Financial Tower today. Crown Prince Haakon

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