March 5, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Prosecutor Asks Infanta Cristina to Not be Charged in Husband’s Case

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It was requested Monday that Infanta Cristina, the second daughter of King Juan Carlos, to not be charged in the context of the investigation focused on the alleged irregularities committed by her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma.

Infanta Cristina Inaki Urdangarin 300x184 Prosecutor Asks Infanta Cristina to Not be Charged in Husbands Case

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This is the second time the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Pedro Horrach, requested for the Infanta not to be charged due to lack of evidence that she was involved or knew of Urdangarin’s alleged fraudulent activities. The Duke is being charged with stealing millions of euros from the non-profit Noos Institutos from between 2004 and 2006.

At the moment, the Provincial Court in the Balearic Islands will decide whether or not Cristina should be charged. Judge Jose Castro rejected a request by the Manos Limpias (Clean Hands) to not charge her on March 5th, and did the same when Horrach initially requested on March 21st.

Although Infanta Cristina is co-owner of 50 percent of the commercial Aizoon SL – one of the companies investigated in this case, reports Horrach claims she “does not hold any executive position so their relationship is only corporate level.”

“The management and administration of this company is held by her spouse, Inaki Urdangarin”, stressed the representative of Corruption.

It looks like Manos Limpias will turn to a higher court to overturn or confirm the decision of Judge Castro.

In Spain, Manos Limpias is a trade union that represents public service employees.

Urdangarin is set to face four separate charges over this fraudulent case: defrauding the exchequer, falsifying documents, misappropriation of public funds and prevarication.

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Emanuele Filiberto to Undergo More Surgery to Remove Cancer

Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Venice and Piedmont is facing health problems again. Last November, he had a tumor removed from his nasal septum and claimed he was cancer free.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto 209x300 Emanuele Filiberto to Undergo More Surgery to Remove Cancer

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But maybe not anymore.

On Tuesday, the Prince, who is from Italy’s former royal family, tweeted to his 18,600 followers, saying “Evil has returned. I am in Geneva because tomorrow morning I am working again … This too will pass … ”

“Thanks for all your messages … give me strength …”

Turns out, Emmanuel Filiberto will be going for more surgery at the Cantonal Hospital of Geneva tomorrow morning for more surgery on his nasal septum. He will stay at the hospital until news comes if the cancer is gone or not.

Though he is the heir to the House of Savoy, and would be Crown Prince if Italy still has its monarchy, Emmanuel Filiberto is known as a showman Italy. He won its version of Dancing With The Stars back in 2009, and has a reality show. In fact, he reminded fans of his program to tune in while he is undergoing surgery.

“Even if you are in hospital, not to forget the last episode of # 21 ilprincipiante,” he tweeted.

Italy abolished its monarchy in 1946.

You can follow Emanuele Filiberto on Twitter @efsavoia

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