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British Royals Tour Riot Sites, Meet Victims

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On Wednesday, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, visited the neighborhoods of London that witnessed the riots that tore apart the country nearly two weeks ago. They saw firsthand the damage caused by fires and looting, and met with the people who either lost their homes or business due to the riots.

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View photos of Charles & Camilla in Tottenham here

At the Tottenham Green Leisure Centre in North London, Charles and Camilla spoke to the emergency crews that responded to the riot fires, and those who were affected by them. One of the people they met with were Barbara Bereda-Malik, 45, and her husband Omar Malik, 47. Their apartment was above a carpet store before the building burned down.

Speaking of meeting Charles, Mrs Bereda-Malik said: “It was really nice to see him and see they’re concerned about our situation.

“He asked about how we were coping.”

While the royals were visiting London, it was announced that the Prince’s Trust will donate £2.5 million to the areas hardest hit by the riots, including the city of Birmingham, and three London neighborhoods – Tottenham, Croydon, and Hackney.

Prince Charles’ youngest son, Prince Harry, did his part to meet with the riot victims on Friday. He went to Salford near Manchester to meet with the firefighters and police officers who were often attacked. Harry told them that he saw the videos of the attacks on YouTube and asked the cops and firemen how they coped.

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“Harry looked shocked when I told him that most of the unit received some sort of injury. At one point, it was clear they were intent on killing somebody. There was nothing we could do but climb back into our vans and retreat,” said Andy Sheridan.

The emergency crews were pleased that Prince Harry took time to visit them.

“I did not expect royalty to come into my life but it felt like I had met Harry before,” said Ismail Patel, who’s business was destroyed. “He was just a normal person and seemed to genuinely care about what would happen to my business and the consequences for my family. Despite the level of damage, our insurance only covers £25,000.”

Gemma Lloyd, 16, admitted that the Prince was “brave” for walking down the damaged precinct.

There is no word whether newlyweds Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will take their time to meet with other riot victims.

Source: Press Association, Telegraph

Sverre Magnus’ First Day of School

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Thursday saw Norway’s Prince Sverre Magnus begin school at Jansløkka School in Asker, not far from his family’s palace in the Oslo suburbs. This is the same school elder sister Princess Ingrid Alexandra already attends, and half brother Marius Borg Høiby went there also.

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The little Prince, who will turn 6 years old on December 3rd, was escorted to Jansløkka at noon by his parents, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and his grandmother, Queen Sonja.

At the school, there was a traditional welcoming ceremony, in which the school’s song was sang and each new student’s name was called. Upon hearing their names, the children went up to their teacher to be greeted.

Afterward, the children went inside and the media was off limits indoors.

By choosing to send their children to Jansløkka School, Haakon and Mette-Marit are breaking with royal tradition by not sending them to more exclusive schools in Oslo. Jansløkka is a local public school.

Prince Sverre Magnus is third in line to the Norwegian throne.

Source: NewsinEnglish.no