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Happy 34th Birthday to Crown Princess Victoria!

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July 14th marked the future Queen of Sweden’s 34th birthday, and for the first time since 2009, she was present to celebrate her special day. Last year, Crown Princess Victoria was on her honeymoon following her June wedding to the now Prince Daniel.

Victoria Daniel 193x300 Happy 34th Birthday to Crown Princess Victoria!

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The two made an appearance on the island of Öland, where the Swedish royals spend their summers, to meet and greet the locals who gathered to wish their next monarch a happy birthday.

It was quite rainy out, and Victoria and Daniel had to use umbrellas to pick up the flowers and chat with the people.

“The weather is terrible, but it is fantastic that so many are still here, it is heart-warming and touching,” said Victoria, according to The Local.

Later in the afternoon, the Swedish royal family and their subjects gathered for a concert, as is done yearly (save for 2010). As always, Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria wore folk attire. But this year saw Victoria wear a scarf around her head to symbolize her status as a married woman.

Wrapping raincoats around their legs so they wouldn’t sit on the wet seats, the family watched a concert done by Swedish singers Carola, Jessica Andersson and Andreas Johnsson.

Victoria also gave scholarships, or the Victoria Award, to ice hockey twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin, as a way to congratulate them on their athletic success.

Since 1979 on her second birthday, the Victoria Award has become a staple in Sweden’s sports awards.

Source: The Local