April 2, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Belgian Crown Princely Family Summer Photo Session 2011

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Since its summer, that means its time for the annual family photo sessions for many of the royal families of Europe. Earlier this week, the Dutch did their meeting with the media, and Friday saw their Belgian counterparts do the same – allow photographers to take pictures of their family to see how much their children have grown.

Belgian CP Family 300x209 Belgian Crown Princely Family Summer Photo Session 2011

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For this year, Crown Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde took their brood of four to Archeosite, an archaeological site, in Aubechies in southern Belgium. The hands-on museum depicts Belgium’s prehistoric, proto-historic and Gallo-Roman structures as they would have looked like thousands of years ago.

The Belgian media noted that while all four of the children – that is, Elisabeth, age 9, Gabriel, age 7, Emmanuel, age 5, and little Eleonore age 3 – appeared to be quite interested, it was Gabriel who’s face was covered with fascination.

After learning about their country’s ancient history, the children took to Archeosite’s playground. Elisabeth, who is second in line to throne after her father, enjoyed the see-saw with her mother, while Philippe was persuaded to climb the spider web with his boys.

It is being reported that later this month, the family will vacation in France.

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