April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Changes to Luxembourg’s Succession Law

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On Monday, changes were made to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s succession laws that will abolish male preference – as is the current state – and will allow females equal rights to the throne as their male relatives. Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg 300x199 Changes to Luxembourgs Succession Law

This means if, for example, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume were to have a daughter as a first born child, she could become the next monarch of Luxembourg after her father, even if she has a younger brother. That brother would be second behind the sister.

These changes have been in the works since September and yesterday saw the modifications take place. This makes Luxembourg’s succession laws on par with Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Spain have yet to get rid of their male preference succession laws.

However, even with these changes in Luxembourg, there is some confusion as to how these changes will go along. According to the newspaper, Wort, the law will be effective with Grand Duke Henri’s descendants. But does that mean that Guillaume’s sister, Princess Alexandra, is ahead of younger brother Prince Sebastien now – or is she still behind?

I will update this entry when any clarification happens.

Source: Wort.lu