April 21, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Moroccan King Proposes Changes, Protesters Dissatisfied

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On Friday, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI broadcast a speech to his people, saying he will give up some of his absolute political powers. He also told the country he will name a prime minister from the largest political party to serve as head of the executive branch.

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Despite these promises, many of Morocco’s youth are dissatisfied. They wanted to see their King give up his military and religious powers as well, and as a result, its February 20 protest group will hold a demonstration on Sunday.

“The plan as proposed by the king yesterday does not respond to our demands for a true separation of powers,” said the spokesman of February 20.

However, there are some who are pleased with King Mohammed’s vows of change.

“The kingdom of Morocco has joined the list of democratic countries,” said one man out celebrating in Rabat.

“Today as Moroccan youths, we’re all celebrating our new constitution from the city of Tangier to the city of Lagouira.”

A referendum will take place on July 1st to make these changes permanent instead of in September as originally planned.

Among the other constitutional changes will be more freedom of religion, though Islam will remain the state faith. Also, the Berbers and their language will receive better treatment. The Berbers are the original inhabitants of Morocco and make up 60% of the population. But they claim discrimination and their language has not been considered one of the country’s main languages.

That, plus other proposals, will see a difference starting in July.

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