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Maxima: Amalia Gave Savings to Haiti

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Princess Maxima of the Netherlands spent part of Monday visiting the headquarters of the Dutch social networking site, Hyves. She got a chance to chat live with the site’s users, known as Hyvers, and discussed money management with them.

CP Maxima Hyvers 300x218 Maxima: Amalia Gave Savings to Haiti

Royal Press/Pool/Patrick van Katwijk

During the conversation, a young girl told the Princess she was saving up to buy herself a computer. This led to an honest question: does Maxima’s eldest daughter, Catharina-Amalia, who would day be Queen and become one of the wealthiest women in the world, save any money too?

The answer was yes.

“Amalia also saves,” Maxima replied. “But she gave all her money away to Haiti during a school action so she must begin again.”

Princess Maxima also said that when Amalia moves on to group 4, which is sort of like the Dutch version of second grade, she will get pocket money like any other child her age.

Maxima was at Hyves to kick-off the Campaign Without Cash, which is meant to teach young people about spending wisely. Some of the young people she spoke to told the Princess that they found it difficult to set priorities. Maxima, a former banker, provided them with some financial tips.

Source: www.at5.nl

Dutch Princess Alexia to Get Her Own Tulip

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CP Maxima Alexia 211x300 Dutch Princess Alexia to Get Her Own Tulip

AP Photo/Lex van Lieshout, POOL/FILE

She may only be a kindergartner, but Holland’s Princess Alexia is going to have a tulip named after her anyway. On Wednesday, the seaside town of Katwijk Aan Zee will name the flower after the four year-old princess in honor of its centennial Orange Association.

The tulip will be christened by a 12 year-old girl who was born on Queen’s Day. Little Alexia would not be present for the ceremony, even though she was invited. However, she will privately receive her flower.

It is not being reported if whether her parents, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima will be at the christening.

The last Dutch royal to have a tulip named after herself was Alexia’s own grandmother, Queen Beatrix.

The Princess is the second of the Crown Princely couple’s three daughters. She has an elder sister, Catharina-Amalia, age 6, who is second in line to the throne behind Willem-Alexander, and then there’s Ariane who will be 3 later this year.

Source: De Telegraaf

King Abdullah II Speaks at Arab Summit

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King Abdullah II Summit 228x300 King Abdullah II Speaks at Arab Summit


This weekend, the King of Jordan was at the 22nd Arab Summit held in Sitre, Libya. It was there that King Abdullah II spoke of his commitment to the Mideast peace process, and reiterated his call for a Palestinian state.

“Israel must know that it will never have security unless the Palestinians also have their right to security, freedom and a state… and it must choose between remaining an isolated fortress or living in peace with its neighbors,” the King said in a speech.

Abdullah also said Israel was “playing with fire” by building settlements in East Jerusalem, which is where many Palestinians live. He urged the world to put pressure on Israel to stop the constructions.

But he also mentioned how the Arab world needs to stand together for the sake of the peace process and other plans.

“It is in this context that we support every effort that seeks to clear the Arab atmosphere, achieve Arab solidarity and overcome all differences that lead to external interference in our affairs… not for the sake of championing our just causes but to achieve ambitions of hegemony and influence,” King Abdullah said.

The King also discussed Iraq, and how fellow Arabs need to help the country secure itself.

“I must stress here that what we have done for Iraq is below our expectations… for Iraq needs more than moral support… Iraq needs effective assistance on the ground,” the King said.

Sources: The Jordan Times, AFP