April 21, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Dutch Princess to be Victoria’s Bridesmaid?

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It is being reported by the Dutch press that Princess Catharina-Amalia would be a bridesmaid at her godmother’s wedding – that godmother being Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

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RVD/Robin Utrecht

While neither the Swedish or Dutch royal houses have confirmed this rumor, it is widely speculated that 6 year-old Catharina-Amalia, second in line to the throne, would be part of Victoria’s bridal party for her wedding this June 19th.

Then again, many royal watchers are hoping that all of Victoria’s godchildren will be present for her nuptials to Daniel Westling. The Crown Princess is godmother to numerous royal children. Her first being Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece back in 1998. Then came Princess Ingrid-Alexandra of Norway, Prince Christian of Denmark and finally Princess Eleonore of Belgium in 2008.

It should be noted that Victoria’s own godmother is Queen Beatrix, Catharina-Amalia’s grandmother. In addition, the Queen’s own mother, the late Queen Juliana, was godmother to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Since the official list of Victoria’s bridesmaids has not been released, one could only speculate whether Catharina-Amalia would be on it. But wouldn’t it be nice if she were?

Thai Princess Promotes Home Film Industry

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One of the world’s most anticipated film events this year is taking place in Hong Kong this week. The Hong Kong International Film Festival is attracting filmmakers, actors and audience members alike to see the latest movies from 50 countries. It has even attracted a Thai Princess to the festival.

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AP Photo/Kin Cheung

Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, the eldest daughter of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is in Hong Kong to promote her country’s film industry. She has been meeting with Thai movie stars such as Song Kran, Chakrit Yamnan, Theeraphat Sujjakul, Siripham Wattanajinda and James Alexande Mackie.

Ubolratana even starred in a 2008 Thai film, “Where The Miracle Happens.” This year, she’s again starring in a movie “My Best Bodyguard.”

The Princess was present at two events at the film festival. She was at the Entertainment Expo HK Filmart which showcased Thai film memorabilia and posters. In the evening, she attended the  ”Thailand Hub of Entertainment”, a film and entertainment industry event for investors.

Princess Ubolratana was born in Switzerland in 1951, but raised in the palaces of Thailand. She attended college in the United States where she met Peter Ladd Jensen, whom she married in 1972.

With that, Ubolratana relinquished her royal titles and stayed in the U.S. with her husband, with whom she had three children with. Queen Sirikit often travled to see her daughter and at times the Princess would return to Thailand with her family.

But it wasn’t until her divorce from Jensen in 2001 that Ubolratana returned to her country and began taking part in royal duties again.

Princess Haya Opens Nursing and Midwifery Council

On Tuesday, Dubai’s Princess Haya inaugurated the UAE Nursing and Midwifery Council at the emirate’s Atlantis in the Palm. It comes one year after Haya’s husband, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, decreed the council to show the UAE’s dedication to improving health care.

Princess Haya Nursing 300x216 Princess Haya Opens Nursing and Midwifery Council


Among those in attendance were Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali, UAE Minister of Health, Humaid Al Qutami, UAE Minister of Education, and Princess Muna, the mother of King Abdullah II of Jordan – Princess Haya’s half-brother. Muna is President of the Jordanian Nursing Council (JNC) and Patron of Nursing & Midwifery for the WHO-EMRO.

Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali gave a speech during the ceremony, in which he said: “The Council will also authorize health organizations as nursing training centers, stipulate the foundations and criteria for raising the profession’s standards, propose new legislations and practices to promote nursing and midwifery to achieve quality and excellence in their services.”

At the end of the inauguration, the two Princesses and Dr. Ali gave out certificates to the Council’s task force members. Princess Muna also gave Haya an award on behalf of the Jordanian Nursing Council.

Haya and Muna have a close relationship. Princess Muna was wife to the late King Hussein until the mid-1970′s when he divorced her to marry Alia Touqan, Haya’s mother. Sadly, Queen Alia would die in a 1977 helicopter crash, and Princess Muna comforted the Queen’s three very young children. The Princess once said in an interview that Muna, “has been more like a mother to me than anyone else I know.”

Drama for Swedish Royals’ Brazilian Visit

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The King and Queen of Sweden are on a four-day state visit to Brazil. Wednesday marks their second day on the trip, and also their second day of events going awry.

Sweden Brazil 300x199 Drama for Swedish Royals Brazilian Visit

AP Photo/Eraldo Peres

First, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia’s plane had difficulty landing yesterday due to bad weather. Then today, at the end of their visit to the National Congress, they had to exit through a back door because of a teachers’ protest outside. That protest not against the royals at all.

Besides those moments, the King and Queen are having just another state visit. This trip may be personal for Silvia as she is half-Brazilian and spent a few years of her childhood there.

While the royals are in Brazil to strengthen ties with the country, they are also there to promote a Swedish fighter jet. Brazil is currently on the hunt for one and Sweden is in a race with France and the United States to sell their Gripen NG mono-motor fighter, owned by Saab.

The French meanwhile have their Rafale jet made by their Dassault company and the Americans are trying to sell their F/A-18 Super Hornet from Boeing. It is said that Brazil is close to choosing the Rafale jet but Sweden and the United States are two and three in the running.

The decision on which jet will be used will come in two weeks.

Also during this state visit, the King and Queen will be going to various of Brazil’s locations to discuss Brazilian-Swedish business, check out the country’s aircraft assembly hall and speak at seminars about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The latter would be done by Queen Silvia who’s charity World Childhood Foundation aims to prevent those problems.