April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Dutch Royals Fix Up Playground for National Volunteer Weekend

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This weekend, the Netherlands observed NL DOET, when the whole country takes part in volunteer work. Formerly known as “Make A Difference Day,” it was renamed to give it a Dutch name which means Netherlands Does. In other words, “we don’t talk, we act.”

Queen Beatrix NL DOET 300x178 Dutch Royals Fix Up Playground for National Volunteer Weekend


The Royal House of Orange took part in this volunteerism in the town of Nieuwegein, where most of them refurbished a local playground.

Holland’s monarch, Queen Beatrix, rolled up her sleeves to paint the brick walls surrounding the play area. Helping her out was daughter-in-law Crown Princess Maxima and her son, Prince Constantijn.

The other royals – Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Princess Laurentien, Prince Maurits, Princess Marilène, Prince Bernhard, Princess Annette, Prince Floris and Princess Aimée – meanwhile repaired the gates, walls, and equipment. They used hammers and drills all day, and appeared to have fun doing so.

NL DOET began five years ago to mark the Queen’s 25th Jubilee. Since this is her 30th year as Queen, the royal family decided to do a project together.

Here’s a video from the Dutch royal’s YouTube channel: