April 21, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Jordan’s Prince Feisal Announces Engagement

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King Abdullah Prince Feisal 300x236 Jordans Prince Feisal Announces Engagement

Junko Kimura/Getty Images/FILE

The brother of King Abdullah II announced his engagement to Sara Qabbani on Saturday. Prince Feisal celebrated the occasion at Sara’s parents’ home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

While the King of Jordan was in attendance for his brother’s engagement party, his half-brother, Prince Hashem was. Also there was Royal Court Chief Nasser Lawzy and the royal family’s Imam Ahmad Hilayel.

This would be the second marriage for Prince Feisal, who is the second son of the late King Hussein and Princess Muna. He is also King Abdullah’s only full blooded brother.

Royal watchers have noted that in Jordan tomorrow it is Mother’ Day. Some think it is insensitive for Feisal to celebrate an engagement the day before the holiday when he has four children with his former wife, Alia Tabbaa, whom he divorced in April 2008.