April 21, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Kate Middleton Wins Privacy Case

Posted in: United Kingdom

The longtime girlfriend of Britain’s Prince William has won an apology and compensation from a photograph agency for invading her privacy during Christmas.

Kate Middleton 213x300 Kate Middleton Wins Privacy Case

Photo by Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton was playing tennis with her family when a freelance photographer snapped pictures of her. While the agency, Rex Features, claims the photographer was not an employee, it syndicated the photos of Kate around the world.

“Although at the time Rex Features did not know that an infringement of privacy had occurred, we now accept that this was the case and that by distributing the photographs we were a party to that invasion of privacy.

“Accordingly we have agreed to pay compensation to Miss Middleton and have undertaken not to syndicate any further private photographs of her,” said the Rex statement on the agency’s website.

“We apologize to Miss Middleton for what has taken place.”

Kate was represented by Queen Elizabeth II’s lawyers, Harbottle and Lewis, and was awarded 5,000 pounds in damages. A spokesperson for her family said Kate will give the money to charity.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been dating for several years now, and rumors come and go about when will they marry. It is believed 2011 would be the best time since William will be done with his RAF training.

Malaysian Court Awards Prince in Defamation Suit Against Teen Wife

Posted in: Malaysia

A Malaysian Prince won a defamation suit on Thursday against his wife, a former Indonesian teen model who accused him of rape and physical abuse during their short lived marriage in May 2009.

Manohara Pinot 212x300 Malaysian Court Awards Prince in Defamation Suit Against Teen Wife


Tengku Temenggong Mohammad Fakhry, a Prince from northern Kelantan state, was awarded 6 million ringgit, or 1.8 million dollars, in the defamation suit by default last November after his estranged wife, Manohara Odelia Pinot, and her mother failed to file a countersuit. Pinot and her mother have been ordered to pay by the judge.

Manohara’s lawyer Farhat Abas told AFP in Jakarta that she would “never” pay the compensation.

“This is a cruel verdict,” Farhat said. “We will study the verdict first and then file an appeal against the ruling.”

Manohara married Tengky Fakhry in October of 2008 in what the local media described as a fairy-tale wedding. But by May, she had escaped her husband during a visit to Singapore. She accused him of torture, rape, holding her captive and even drugging her in order to harm her.

Medical examinations confirmed that Manohara had been abused.

Despite this, she and her mother refused to testify in court during the defamation suit. They also did not appoint lawyers to represent them.

Meanwhile, Tengku Fakhry will file a suit in Jakarta, where Manohara and her mother live.

There is also a divorce proceeding going through the religious courts though it is still pending.

Victoria & Daniel’s Pricey Wedding

Posted in: Sweden

Earlier this week, Sveriges Radio revealed just how much the June 19th wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling will cost – and it certainly is not cheap.

Victoria Daniel 300x210 Victoria & Daniels Pricey Wedding

Patrik Osterberg-Pool/Getty Images

So far, the nuptials will cost 80 million kronor, or $11.4 million dollars in taxpayer money. Not only does that count the security who will be on duty that day, but also renovation for Stockholm Cathedral where the wedding will take place and the palace where the couple will live afterwards. In addition, 8 million kronor has been granted for the next two years to maintain it.

“You’ll need security guards, personnel to manage the grounds, and others to create a functioning household for the Crown Princess and Daniel,” said Lena Westlin at the Finance Ministry.

Furthermore, some 2,500 soldiers and members of the Defense Ministry will be on duty for the wedding, but how much that would cost taxpayers has not come out. But a total of 4 million kronor has been given to the Foreign Ministry to deal with the international press, as well as royals and diplomats from around the world who will be attending the ceremony.

The Swedish government is hoping that the wedding will boost tourism to the country since it will generate lots of attention during the time. One way the capital of Stockholm is marketing itself is by having a two week festival before the nuptials called “Love Stockholm 2010.” That has cost the city 7 million kronor.