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Queen Elizabeth II Warns Media on Paparazzi Photos

Posted in: United Kingdom

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has told the paparazzi to leave her family alone as they prepare for Christmas. According to Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty told newspapers not to run pictures of her family taken by freelance photographers. The Palace said she wrote to the newspaper editors requesting this.

Queen Elizabeth 2 219x300 Queen Elizabeth II Warns Media on Paparazzi Photos

AFP/Pool/File/Phil Noble

The letter was “in response to many years of the royal family being hounded by photographers on the queen’s private property,” the Palace is quoted by the AP in saying.

This action was not prompted by any recent event and has been in the works for months. Members of the British royal family, particularly Princes William and Harry and their girlfriends, are often hounded by the paparazzi in private situations.

Prince Charles’ spokesman, Paddy Harverson, told the Sunday Telegraph that members of the House of Windsor “feel they have a right to privacy when they are going about everyday, private activities.”

“They recognize there is a public interest in them and what they do, but they do not think this extends to photographing the private activities of them and their friends.”

Some speculate the royal crackdown on the paparazzi may be linked to Prince William at last announcing his engagement to longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Perhaps, but it is the Christmas season, and such speculation reaches fever pitch as this time.

Check out this clip from Newsy.com on the British media’s reaction to this:


New Stamps of Queen Margrethe II Issued

Posted in: Denmark

Queen Margrethe Stamp 300x166 New Stamps of Queen Margrethe II Issued

Casper Sejersen

In honor of Queen Margrethe II’s 70th birthday in April, the Danish postal service will be releasing a series of new stamps with the Queen’s portrait on them. The photographs were taken by Casper Sejersen.

“The shooting mode was completely different than I expected, but on the positive way,” Sejersen told Billed Bladet. “The Queen was alone in photography, and it created a calm atmosphere. I could clearly sense that the Queen herself was very interested that the portrait was good, and she was glad to see portraits immediately after the shooting.”

Queen Margrethe will celebrate her 70th birthday on April 16th 2010.

The Norwegian Royal Homepage – For Kids!

Posted in: Norway

The Norwegian royal household recently updated their homepage to include a version for children under the age 12. This kid-friendly site tells viewers how the monarchy runs, shows them around the palace, as well as explains certain functions such as state visits.

Welcoming kids to the website are Norway’s King Harald V and his granddaughter, the future Queen Ingrid Alexandra. The two also say they hope visitors would enjoy the new version of the site.

Unfortunately, though, the site is only in Norwegian.

Click here to check out the website!