April 2, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

9th Annual Princess Mathilde Award Handed Out

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On Tuesday, Belgium’s Crown Princess Mathilde gave out the award named after her at the royal palace in Brussels. The Princess Mathilde Award recognizes those who tackle issues that effect young people.

Princess Mathilde Award 300x209 9th Annual Princess Mathilde Award Handed Out

Mark Render/Getty Images Europe

The point of the Award is to “encourage them to ‘feel in touch’ with themselves, others, their material surroundings, the group, the environment and life itself.” It believes feelings of “connectedness” is the solution to society’s ills.  This year, the Living Care Center was the recipient of the award.

Out of 92 nominees, the Center’s project “Birds on the Floor,” won because it encourages young people, senior citizens, and others to fly from their problems.

10,000 euros were given to the Center from the King Baudouin foundation.

Queen Sonja School Prize Given Out

Posted in: Norway

The Queen of Norway gave out her annual School Prize today, an award which recognizes an institution for excelling in equality and inclusion. This time the Prize went to Flatestad school in Greverud. Queen Sonja School Prize 210x300 Queen Sonja School Prize Given Out

Before the ceremony, Queen Sonja was shown around the school by student council leader Tarik Mustedanagic. When it was time for the actual distribution of the award, the Queen was shown artwork by the students.

“We the jury believes the school has done a very impressive effort to strengthen the community,” said the Queen Sonja School Prize jury foreman, Edward Befring.

Befring was most impressed by Flatestad teaching the form of secondary education.

“The eighth, ninth and tenth grades are working together around one third of the time the rivers are at school. This was common several years ago and seems to work well today. When students from different grades work, they can exchange experiences among themselves across the steps,” said Befring.

As part of its prize, Flatestad school received a check for 150,000 dollars, a diploma and lithograph by artist Eli Hovdenak.

After the ceremony, Queen Sonja, Befring and those who are part of the Prize, had lunch with the students.