March 31, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: A Film About Prince Harry

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A movie about the life of Prince Harry is heading to the big screen. Titled The Spare, the film will portray the Prince from his younger days, to the passing of his mother to his service in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry 3 215x300 Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: A Film About Prince Harry


Production will start about a year from now. In the meantime, the screenplay needs to be finished and actors need to be cast. But director Peter Kosminsky seems keen on making the movie on 25 year-old Harry.

According to Hello! Kosminsky says he feelsĀ  “a sense of compassion for the guy.”

“His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way, his mother dies in the most tragic and, again, public way and everything is picked over.”

“He’s a man born to no role, the heir and the spare.”

All that changes when Harry goes to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban for 10 weeks.

“Suddenly, he finds himself alongside ordinary guys. He’s immersed, in the most acute circumstances, in the real world and absolutely finds his metier – and for the first time in his life he doesn’t feel like a spare part.”

As mentioned, no one has been cast in the film yet. But Kosminsky is not ruling out an American actors in The Spare, pointing out how well actress Renee Zellweger portrayed the British character Bridget Jones in the film with the same name.

“And think of Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare In Love,’ he added. “I think it’s reasonable that we don’t want to rule out Americans, although there’s a very strong cadre of British actors, too.”

There have not been any comments from Clarence House or Buckingham Palace about this film.

This movie won’t be the first time a living member of the British royal family will be seen on the silver screen. In 2006, The Queen, with Helen Mirren playing Her Majesty, won rave reviews and sold plenty of tickets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether The Spare would do the same remains to be seen.