March 29, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Queen Rania Inaugurates Teachers Academy

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In Amman Sunday, Queen Rania opened the Teachers Academy, which aims to train Jordanian educators the methods taught by Columbia University in New York.

Rania  199x300 Queen Rania Inaugurates Teachers Academy
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In her speech, the Queen explained the need for students to be taught according to international standards.

“Today, as boundaries blur and travel increases, a son of Jordan not only competes for a job with his fellow Jordanians, but with highly qualified people in the global marketplace. This should encourage us to pursue excellence, because Jordan always strives to provide the best opportunities for her people.

“Through this academy, we aim to seek and form exceptional teachers and make them the best they can be, so that they can return the profession to its halcyon days, where teachers are, once more, the most respected and prestigious members of society.”

Queen Rania also hoped that the Academy would bring back the days where teaching was a highly valued and respected position in society.

“Years ago in the Arab world, the job of being a teacher went beyond merely passing information to students; rather, a teacher was his students’ guide, inspiration and counsellor,” said the Queen.

She also added, “We are proud of the quality of education in our country as it is the best among Arab states, even though our expenditure on education is not the highest in the region.”

After the Queen’s speech, four teachers took turns telling about their xperiences, challenges and benefits they received from training courses.

There was also an agreement signing between the Queen Rania Teachers Academy and Columbia’s Teacher’s College.

Prince Ernst August of Hannover on Trial

The husband of Monaco’s Princess Caroline is on trial starting today. Prince Ernst August of Hannover is being charged with assaulting a club owner in Kenya back in 2000.

Ernst August 209x300 Prince Ernst August of Hannover on Trial

The Prince – who is a distant relative to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II – admits he did hit the owner but denied using anything but his hands.

Ernst August is looking to having his sentence and charge reduced after being convicted in 2004 of causing serious bodily harm and fined euro445,000 ($633,560).

In 2004, a German court found that the Prince repeatedly beat Joseh Brunlehner with a metal object after becoming irritated from the noise from a nearby dance club.

Although the incident happened in Kenya, the Prince was not arrested by Kenyan authorities, but instead by German, who are allowed to arrest citizens who commit crimes abroad.

Ernst August denies using any metal objects to attack Brunlehner. Instead he says he “gave a symbolic left and right slap to the face,” his attorney Hans Wolfgang Euler said, reading an hour-long statement from the prince.

Ernst August’s trial was reopened when witnesses – including wife Princess Caroline – testified they could corroborate his story. This trial is expected to last 11 days and it is unknown if Caroline would be called to the stand.

The Prince has had brushes with the law previously. In 1999, he was fined for attacking a photographer, and had his license suspended for speeding on a French highway in 2003.

Most famously, he was photographed in 2000 urinating outside a Turkish pavilion during the World’s Fair in Hannover.

Nasrah Al Shamery Released from Kuwaiti Jail

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The Australian woman who was jailed for allegedly bashing the Emir of Kuwait at the country’s airport, has been set free.

Nasrah Al Shamery will stay in the Kuwait jail that she’s been in since December until she is at last deported back to Australia. She was originally given a two year sentence but now it has been suspended.

Al Shamery’s family is overjoyed not only because they insisted she was innocent of the charges, but because they were concered for her health.

Al Shamery reportedly suffers from diabetes, heart, breathing and back problems and is now unable to walk.

“I understand she is in a wheelchair right now and she is suffering … a few pains but you know that doesn’t matter as long as we got her back,” her son Ahmad told the AFP. “We will have to look after her.”

Al Shamery’s problems began during a family vacation to Kuwait back in December. A melee broke out between the family and the airport officials. During this, the officials say Al Shamery cursed out Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, a crime in Kuwait. This Al Shamery’s family have always denied.

It is unknown why her sudden release has been made.