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Should Prince Henrik be a King?

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While reports of the royal family’s approval ratings are down, the talk of Denmark is actually about whether Queen Margrethe’s husband, Prince Henrik should be elevated to King.

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The Prince Consort has once expressed dissatisfaction being simply a prince, saying “I hope that men will be as equivalent as girls” in 2002, has stirred a debate over gender equality within royalty. This is being hotly debated in Denmark, in light of Sunday’s referendum on gender equality succession rights.

Even some politicians are interested in the idea.

“I would like to clarify that the office does the same as now, but if there is a desire to call the government’s man of the king, I am very open to it. But it may come as a wish from the entire royal family, “said Conservative political spokesperson Henriette Kjær.

Traditionally, the status of King is higher than that of a Queen. If a woman inherits a throne, she becomes Queen Regnata, and her husband Prince Consort. He cannot become a King or else he would be higher than the rightful successor.

Kjaer is backed up by the radicals equality spokesman Dybkjaer and Socialist political spokesman, Henrik Sass Larsen. Also Danish People’s Peter Skaarup promise to look at an inquiry with an open mind.

But not everyone likes this talk.

“This is not about equality. These are that you can not marry to become king, “said the Liberal Party’s political spokesman, Peter Christensen.

Ratings Drop for Danish Royal Family

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It’s been a week of ups and downs for the House of Glucksburg in Denmark. Sunday saw many Danes vote for gender equality Danish royal family 300x200 Ratings Drop for Danish Royal Familysuccession rights, though a large number didn’t bother to cast a ballot. Tuesday and Wednesday saw big celebrations as Queen Margrethe’s husband, Prince Henrik turned 75 years-old.

Now the latest poll numbers show a drop in approval ratings for the Danish royal family – especially for the men in the family.

The ones who saw the biggest increase in disapproval were Henrik and his second son, Prince Joachim. Compared to a poll down five years ago, the Prince Consort is down 12 percent, from 41.8 percent to 29.8. Nearly 31 percent thought the Queen’s husband was doing poorly in his royal role.

Prince Joachim’s popularity fell from 84.6 percent to a dismal 44.6 percent since 2004. This may have to do with him divorcing his popular wife, Alexandra in 2005. Even Joachim’s new wife, Princess Marie, is not fairing well with the Danish people. Only 13 months as a princess, she has a 37% disapproval rating.

Crown Prince Frederik remains popular, but not as much as five years earlier. He is down from 90.7 percent to 80.4 percent.

Frederik’s wife, on the other hand, appears to be the most popular member of the Danish royal family. Crown Princess Mary is enjoying a 82.2 percent approval rating. That’s slightly higher than her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, who’s popularity is at 81.3 percent.