April 18, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Queen Rania Addresses Young Global Leaders Summit

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The fifth annual Young Global Leaders (YGL) Summit is being held in Jordan this year, and it was the country’s Queen that addressed the 200 young achievers on it’s first day Wednesday.

rania ygl 300x202 Queen Rania Addresses Young Global Leaders Summit
Jordan Times

“You hail from every corner of the globe. Each of you has made your mark, and earned your reputation. Now, as Young Global Leaders, you have the prestige and potential to transform people’s lives.”

“At a time when the global financial crisis is fast becoming a development emergency, we need you to put your ideas into action more than ever before,” added Queen Rania, who is chairperson of the YGL’s nomination and selection committee and a member of the network’s foundation board.

The Queen also added that gender parity, and education are the key to addressing the world’s problems.

Queen Rania told those in attendance for the summit to become a dynamic change in the world.

“These initiatives grew out of our experiences in Jordan, and our belief in the power of public-private partnerships, but they all exemplify learning, empowering and acting. That’s why I believe they hold such relevance for you,”

Letizia Closes Congress on Quality of Life

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Spain’s Crown Princess Letizia was in Pamplona Wednesday for the closing of the 2nd International Congress on Quality of Life.

letizia navarre 300x200 Letizia Closes Congress on Quality of Life
Diario de Navarra

Organized by the Age & Life Institute, the Congress emphasized the need to improve the quality of life for the elderly.

Though the event started Monday May 11th, Letizia was only needed for its May 13th closing.

She took a tour of the stands used by the institutions and organizations present for the Congress, before moving on to the main hall. There, a thousand people from the local Navarre government, representatives of social organizations, and other guests were waiting for the closing ceremony.

Miguel Sanz, the President of Navarre reiterated its appreciation to the organization by choosing from Pamplona to host this international congress, “which has served to advance the path of service to society through the close and personalized attention to the most vulnerable. “

In this sense, Sanz said, “to the effort and concern of the Executive Law to ensure social rights, leading to the autonomous communities in the provision of services for dependent elderly and for active aging.”

Crown Princess Letizia was the one who spoke last. In her speech, she stressed the importance of ensuring that senior citizens have the best quality of life, “they are engines of our community. ” The Princess had mentioned that the organization of this conference shows that “the whole society is responsible for these people who have and continue to feel that we have them.”

Letizia then went on the meet with the organizers of the Congress.

Later on, she was directed to a balcony to sign a Book of Honor of the Foundation of Age and Life. Letizia also received from the hands of Miguel Sanz a copy of the facsimile edition of “Gift of Life “author’s work Navarro Juan Valles recently published by the Government of Navarre.

At the conclusion of the event, there was a reception for everyone in attendance.