March 31, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Thailand Celebrates Coronation Day

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300,000 people took the streets of Bangkok to celebrate Coronations Day – the 59th anniversary of the crowning of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

thai king bhumibol Thailand Celebrates Coronation Day

It was chance not only to honor their King, but to call for peace for a nation in turmoil.

Many Thais wore white or other neutral colors as part of the campaign “stop hurting Thailand.”

Those who spoke to the press said they were tired of the politics that divided their country. Others said they did not understand why the politicians were so bipartisan when they are so loyal to the King.

As an example of this, at 7:30pm on live television, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva lead the government in swearing an oath to Bhumibol.

“To mark the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s coronation [next year] and as a gesture of gratitude towards the monarch and all members of the royal family, I and all Thais will be steadfast in expressing our gratitude to the motherland.” the prime minister said.

“We will act in keeping with righteousness and religious morals and will uphold the institution of the monarchy and be always thankful to the institution’s contributions to bring prosperity to the nation.

“We will conduct ourselves with diligence and honesty to preserve the country under the constitutional monarchy,” he said.

Before all this, in the morning, King Bhumibol, Queen Sirikit and the rest of the royal family, went to Grand Palace’s Amarin Winitchai Throne Hall to mark Coronation Day.

Once there, the King allowed the Royal Pantheon to be opened to opened to the public. Normally, the Pantheon is exclusive to the royal family.

Celebrations went on throughout the day for Thais. There was traditional dancing and pop singers performing starting at 5pm until the partying ended at midnight.

Dutch Show Support for Royals on Liberation Day

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Tuesday, as Monday, the people of Holland came out in droves to show their support and admiration for their royal family during one of the national holidays – Liberation Day, when the Nazis surrendered Holland.

beatrix liberation day 300x196 Dutch Show Support for Royals on Liberation Day

Pride for the House of Orange is being felt throughout the country as it recovers from the car attack on Thursday’s Queen’s Day.

Queen Beatrix attended a concert on the Amstel River in Amsterdam for the Liberation Day celebrations. She arrived by boat, and as she passed, thousands of people applauded and cheered for her. There was even extra long applause for the Queen as she arrived at her seat. Queen Beatrix appeared to be deeply moved by the support.

Despite the love, security was tight for the Queen. The people living around the area of the concert were not allowed to open their window or be on balconies as they usually did.

Also receiving cheers from the people was Pieter van Vollenhoven, who attended a concert in Waginegen, the location of the German surrender. Van Vollenhoven, who is married to the Queen’s sister, Princess Margriet, waved to crowds as applause rang loud for him.

Despite all the celebration going on, the Netherlands is still in mourning. Friday, the royal family will gather in Apeldoorn for the memorial service in memory of those who died on the Queen’s Day attack.

Felipe & Letizia Hand Out National Prizes of Design

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In Cordova Tuesday, the royal couple of Asturias gave out the 18th annual National Prizes of Design.

felipe letizia cordova1 300x220 Felipe & Letizia Hand Out National Prizes of Design

The award, which comes from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is give to path to designers who emphasize for their professional labor and to companies that they use the design successfully in the strategy of innovation.

Despite the reason to celebrate, the world economic troubles overshadowed the event, as Crown Prince Felipe discussed in his speech.

Felipe said that “in a time of grave economic crisis, with severe repercussions in terms of unemployment, it is necessary to (encourage the value of great design) to Spanish companies, by providing their products and services more attractive, quality, functionality and accessibility possible…the design enhances the effectiveness of the national companies and promotes the success of its offer at international level. “

Felipe also highlighted that the Spanish design has a “high” art as both aesthetic and scientific and technological, as it not only beautifies the products used and spaces, but also the “better and richer.”

Before handing out the award, Felipe and Letizia met with some of the 2,500 people who gathered to see the couple.

One of them was a woman from Colombia.

“It’s very pretty and is a very special moment,” said Lillian Londano. Meaning, for someone who could greet “someone who lives outside of the normal people” and that she knew through the media in her country.

14 year-old José Antonio Casado, was also in the crowd. He took a group of exchange students from France to “see the Spanish monarchy.”

Crown Princely Couple May Have Been Targets of Queen’s Day Attack

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The investigation into the car attack on the Apeldoorn Queen’s Day parade last Thursday is underway.

wa maxima attack 236x300 Crown Princely Couple May Have Been Targets of Queens Day Attack

It is said that Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima were the likely targets of Karst Tates, the man who ploughed his car through a crowd and narrowly missed the bus carrying the Dutch royals before slamming into a stone monument.

According to, a military police commander said Tates repeatedly mentioned the crown princely couple’s names after the crash.

Tates died of head injuries a day later.

Investigators say Tates was smoking cannabis and told neighbors he might do something “crazy.”"

A neighbor claimed he seemed depressed, and fed up with his life as an unemployed person.

Tates reportedly said: “I don’t fit in this world, where everything is an obligation.”

Tates was laid off from his security job and was on the brink of losing his home. He was supposed to hand in the keys to his house the day after Queen’s Day.

Along with Tates, seven people died from the attack, and eight others remain hospitalized.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima spent Tuesday visiting a total of four families who lost a loved one last week.

“The visit was heartwarming,” says the sister of one of the victims died. “They spent an hour to us. One of the first things Prince Willem-Alexander said when he came in, was that he was on behalf of the family and the family was very committed to all of us.

“It felt like a warm blanket.”

Belgian Royals Get First Glimpse of Commemorative Coins

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King Albert II and Queen Paola went to the Royal Mint in Brussels Tuesday to see the first edition of the coin commemorating their 50th wedding anniversary and the King’s 75th birthday.

albert paola 300x233 Belgian Royals Get First Glimpse of Commemorative Coins

The wedding anniversary coin is made of gold, while the King’s coin is made of silver.

The gold coin has a value of 100 euros, while the silver one is worth 10 euros.

Belgium would be in a festive mode this summer as it is celebrates King Albert’s birthday and his wedding anniversary.

The anniversary is one that almost didn’t happen. In the early stages of their marriage, Albert and Paola were both having affairs and were on the verge of divorce.

They changed their ways however, and have spent the latter years of their marriage in blissful matrimony.

anniversary coin2 300x240 Belgian Royals Get First Glimpse of Commemorative Coins


alberts coin1 300x240 Belgian Royals Get First Glimpse of Commemorative Coins


Danish Royals Meet Their New Family Member

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danish princes1 208x300 Danish Royals Meet Their New Family Member

The royals of Denmark were all smiles as they went to Copenhagen’s Rigshopitalet to see the latest member of the family.

Princess Marie, wife of Prince Joachim, gave birth to a son early Monday morning. The little prince is the fifth grandchild of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, and is seventh in line to the Danish throne.

Monday afternoon saw the newborn’s half older brothers, Princes Nikolai and Felix, being taken to the hospital by the Prince Consort to see their new sibling.

Barely 45 minutes later, the Queen stopped by the maternity ward. She didn’t speak to the press before entering, but when she came out, Margrethe let them know that the new prince “looks nice out and he is well.”

The Queen also confirmed that the mother is well after the birth

fred mary hospital 300x170 Danish Royals Meet Their New Family Member

Tuesday it was Frederik and Mary’s turn to visit the new baby.

They looked elated as they arrived at the hospital. The two brought with them bags of children’s clothes from Denmark’s most expensive stores, plus a bouquet of tulips named after Mary.

Their visit lasted an hour, and Mary told the press that the mother and child were well and the little eyes remained closed throughout their stay.

When asked if this new arrival would inspire the couple to add to their own brood, Frederik replied:

“We shall see! We are still young,” he replied with a big smile.

Photos from Se og Hoer & Billed Bladet