April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Ex-Greek King to Undergo Bypass Surgery

king constantine 210x300 Ex Greek King to Undergo Bypass SurgeryIt was announced Monday by the Greek Royal Family that King Constantine is scheduled for an elective cardiac surgery.

The procedure will be for calcific aortic stenosis with valve replacement using a bioprosthesis and a single-vessel bypass.

The operation will take place at Wellington Hospital on Friday May 29th.

Constantine was King of Greece from 1964 until 1974, when the monarchy was abolished.

He and his family have been living in exile in London since 1974.

Crown Princess Mary Names Tulip, Receives Praise for New Nephew

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Crown Princess Mary was all smiles Monday. And why not? Her sister in law Princess Marie had delivered a healthy baby boy, and a playmate for her own two children. mary tulips 300x220 Crown Princess Mary Names Tulip, Receives Praise for New Nephew

But even so, Mary still had to do her royal duties, and there were two of them.

The first one took place at Gavno castle, where thousands of fuschia colored tulips were named by the Crown Princess herself.

And what did she name them? After herself, of course!

Mary participated in the baptismal service of the new flower, and allowed photographers to snap away at her looking at her selfnamed tulip.

Later on, Mary went the State Museum of Art for meeting “The Art of Saving a Mother,” held by the Foreign Ministry and the People of the UN.

The event was about how thousands of women in the third world die everyday in child birth.

How ironic to attend such a seminar on day such as this!

Anyway, Mary was greeted with congratulations for her new nephew. She told those in attendance that it was Prince Joachim who told her and husband Frederik of the little prince’s arrival.

Dutch Royals Make First Public Appearance Since Attack

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Thousands of Dutch people gave their Queen a thunderous round of applause as she and the crown princely couple made their first public appearance since the attack during Queen’s Day on Thursday. dutch royals jpg 300x198 Dutch Royals Make First Public Appearance Since Attack

Queen Beatrix was attending the wreath laying, Remembrance Day service in Amsterdam for the victims of World War II.

Security was extra tight for the royals due to the attack. Police were allowed to pat people down for weapons.

Thursday’s attack was directly aimed at the royal family. None of them were hurt, but 7 people were killed, including the driver of a car which ploughed into the crowds as the bus carrying the royals paraded down an Apeldoorn street.

Shaken by the attack, the Queen and her family visited the injured in the hospital and have kept their heads held high, something that has won the admiration of their subjects.

Even the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, made a note of that during the Liberation Day speech.

“Every year we remember the fallen, here on Dam square, with the attendance of our Queen. Especially this year we are happy to have her amidst us.”

With that, the crowd erupted with applause.

Queen Beatrix appeared to be very moved by the support of her people.

The Dutch media have been wondering if Queen’s Day could continue after the tragedy. But members of the House of Orange have been calling for the festivities to continue.

Queen Beatrix’s youngest son, Prince Constantijn, said he supports the “open and informal” ways of the Dutch monarch.

Spanish King & Queen Tour Baltics

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King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia arrived in Tallinn Monday morning for the start of their three day tour of the three Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. spain estonia 300x199 Spanish King & Queen Tour Baltics

The point of these tours is to strengthen bilateral ties and broaden Spanish business in the countries that entered the European Union in 2004.

Already Spanish Iberdrola Electricity invests in Estonia and Latvia, but there is “growth potential” says Spain’s Europa Press.

The King and Queen will spend Monday and early Tuesday in Estonia, before moving on to Latvia. Late Wednesday will see the royal couple go to Lithuania and ending their tour the next day.

In Latvia, Juan Carlos and Sofia will see the Latvanergo Power Station, built by Iberdrola.

This tour is also a return for the state visits the leaders of the three countries paid to Spain prior to 2009.

It’s a Boy for Princess Marie!

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At 4:57 am, Princess Marie of Denmark delivered a baby boy at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. princess marie pregnant 300x229 Its a Boy for Princess Marie!

The little prince weighed 3032 grams (6.7 pounds) and is 49 centimeters (19 inches) long.

“Marie and our little boy has it perfect” said Prince Joachim this morning.

“It’s been a process on a 10-11 hours, in order to relax from now,” said Prince Joachim. He came out to the press in Rigshospitalet an hour after birth.

“I am filled with pride, but also with humility. It is a tremendous emotional feeling and to experience a new life. I tweak a little tear.”

“He is a bit smaller than me and looks like all newborns do,” said Prince Joachim.

joachim marie 196x300 Its a Boy for Princess Marie!Prince Joachim cut the umbilical cord himself and indicates that mother and child has the very good, as he put it.

Princess Marie went into the delivery room the evening of May 3rd.

The Danish media kept vigil over the birth, with some streaming live footage of the hospital over the Internet.

The new addition to the Danish royal family was born on the anniversary when the Germans surrendered in Denmark in 1945.

It is not known what is the name of the little boy. Chances are, his name would not be revealed until he is baptized, much like the children of his uncle, Crown Prince Frederik.

This baby is the first for Princess Marie, but the third for Prince Joachim. He has other two boys, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, from his marriage to then Princess Alexandra, now Countess of Frederiksborg.

Congratulations to Marie and Joachim!