April 27, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Crown Princess Mary Extends Foundation Towards Women in Need

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Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary teamed up her Mary Foundation with three other organizations to help women trapped in unhealthy relationships. mary 240x300 Crown Princess Mary Extends Foundation Towards Women in Need

The inspiration for this move is due to the failing Danish economy, which may be causing women to stay with men who mentally and physical abuse them.

Speaking at the launch of the project, Crown Princess Mary expressed delight that so many groups were joining hers.

“The launch of the project today means a lot to Mary Foundation, because it so clearly illustrates that with cooperation and common efforts in the longer, broader scope, helping more and more concern,” said Mary.

The other foundations include Mothers Help, Nykredit and Østifternes.

Economic advisors from Nykredit and social workers from the Mothers Help will help women who can not foresee leaving a violent partner due to economic dependence.

“For there is no order in the economy, it is difficult to take her children and go,” says Director of the Mary Foundation, Birgitte Hagemann Snabe.

“Financial control is often even a power tool to keep a partner in a violent relationship. You see all too often that a woman, for example, is liable for a violent man’s debt. We want to support these women. We will help them to take power over their own lives and their own economy,” she said.

The Crown Princess’ Mary Foundation was started in September 2007. Its goal is to promote tolerance for diversity and to help the socially isolated.

Italian State Visit for Luxembourg

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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been enjoying a visit by the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano these past three days. He, along with couple of other dignitaries were invited by Grand Duke Henri. visiteetat italie img 06 300x200 Italian State Visit for Luxembourg

The point of this visit is to both strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries, and strengthen links with the local Italian community, the second in Luxembourg in terms of numbers.

Napolitano arrived on Monday, with a military welcoming by Henri and his wife Grand Duchess Maria Theresa. Afterwards, the Italian President met privately with Henri at the palace.

At the same time, Luxembourg’s Minister for Justice, Luc Frieden, met with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, to discuss co-operation at a European level of judicial and police matters.

That night, a state dinner was held in honor of the Italian guests.

Tuesday, Napolitano laid a wreath at the national Solidarity Monument in the presence of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg’s Minister for Defense, Jean-Louis Schiltz, and the army’s Chief of Staff, General Gaston Reinig. They then went to the Chambre des Députés to meet Mr Lucien Weiler as well as Luxembourg’s deputy Prime Minister, Mr Jean Asselborn. Prime Minister Juncker will then hosted an official dinner at the Château de Bourglinster, prior to the presidential couple meeting Mme Octavie Modert, Secretary of State for Culture, Higher Education and Research, at the opening of a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

Wednesday, the Presidential couple will meet members of the Italian community in Luxembourg, represented by various Italian associations here. Before they depart the Grand Duchy, they will also visit the European Court of Justice as well as the European Investment Bank.