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Prince Charles’ Kingship Plans Spark Controversy

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The Prince of Wales has many in the UK up in arms after it was announced that once he becomes King - whenever that would be – he will be a monarchy with opinions and will get involved in politics. This is something constitutional monarchs are not supposed to do. prince charles 184x300 Prince Charles Kingship Plans Spark Controversy

The announcement, made by faithful biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby, explains that “there are discreet moves afoot to redefine the future role of the sovereign so that it would allow King Charles III to speak out on matters of national and international importance.”

Dimbleby goes on to suggest that Charles seeks to fill a role not dissimilar to that of recent Irish or German presidents, politically non-partisan, but still activist.

As understanding as Dimbleby tries to make it, the idea sounds outrageous to many Brits. Some dread the day Charles inherits the throne. Some even wonder if a having Great Britain as a republic will be a better idea.

Newspaper columnists wrote blatantly how the Prince of Wales is not fit to be an outspoken King. Johann Hari of the Independent talked about Charles’ academic failures, explaining that the Prince is “a strikingly stupid man.

“Every time he has been put into a competitive situation where he is judged according to objective criteria, he has been a disaster.

“Despite the most expensive education money can buy, he managed only to scrape a B and a C in his A-Levels. Despite this, he was admitted to Cambridge University, where he failed again, barely scraping a 2:2. When he was ushered into the Navy, he was so inept at navigation he kept crashing. Anybody else would have been court-martialed, but instead the Navy gave him one-on-one tuition for years. And still he failed.”

Hari even points out how Queen Sofia of Spain recently spoke out against gay marriage, and that led to some Spaniards to question the need for monarchy.

Perhaps the reason why the Prince of Wales wants to be a King with opinions is because he is a Prince with opinions. Charles has been very outspoken on such issues as the environment, organic food, interfaith dialogue, and architecture. He even makes it known about his feelings on the China-Tibet situation, which has caused some diplomatic issues between China and the UK.

Perhaps the reason why Charles is so insistent on being a King with opinions is because he has spent 60 years – 39 of them as an active Prince of Wales – speaking out on those issues. How could he be silenced once he becomes King after being so outspoken for so many years?

Still, the reason why the British monarchy has survived while many others have fallen, is due to Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The British monarch for the past 56 years has maintained the monarch’s role for being politically silent, and therefore, neutral. That has made her greatly admired and popular both with Britons and many around the world.

So, if Prince Charles were to ever become King – and reminder, that won’t be for quite a long time as the 82 year old Queen is in excellent health – and he does become an outspoken King, he would be putting a thousand year old institution under the threat of extinction.

And that would make Britain’s republicans quite happy.

Morocco’s Royal Women Busy Helping Their Country

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The wife and sisters of King Mohammed VI were busy these past couple of days. Princesses Lalla Salma, Lalla Meryem and Lalla Amina were all doing their part to either make Morocco a better place or to promote their country. lalla salma oncology 300x200 Moroccos Royal Women Busy Helping Their Country

First with the King’s wife, Lalla Salma. She opened a pediatric oncology center in Casablanca on Friday, as part of her cancer association which she is chairperson of. The center targets children and teenagers affected by blood diseases or cancer coming from the different regions of Morocco. It aims to improve access to treatment and develop autograft activity for sick children by building an intensive care unit.

lalla asmaa 1 Moroccos Royal Women Busy Helping Their CountryNext, the King’s youngest sister, Lalla Asmaa, helped inaugurate the diplomatic circle international charity bazaar in Rabat. The annual event is meant to assist projects of Moroccan NGOs working in education, health and the promotion of rural women and support the action of charity associations in Morocco.

Earlier this month, Princess Lalla Meryem signed a campaign on Morocco’s behalf to UNIFEM’s say no to violence against women. Lalla Meryem is President of the National Union of Moroccan Women and the National Monitoring Agency for Children’s Rights.meryem pledge 300x237 Moroccos Royal Women Busy Helping Their Country

In case you were wondering, the name Lalla means “tulip” in Persian. It was used in a Thomas Moore poem, “Lalla Rookh” about the daughter of a Delhi emperor, and is seen as a symbol of Eastern glamour.