March 31, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Joachim & Marie Visit Russia

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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark are on a four day tour of Russia this week, to promote cultural and economic ties between the two nations. joachim marie russia 200x300 Joachim & Marie Visit Russia

They are also in Russia for a photo exhibition of Czarina Maria Fedorovna, the wife of Czar Alexander III and former Princess of Denmark.

The royal couple’s first stop was in Ekaterinburg, the city where the last Tsar and his family were executed by Bolsheviks 90 years ago. Princess Marie paid a visit to the Church of the Spilled Blood, which was built over the site of the murders.

Also in Ekaterinburg, the two inaugurated a Danish Trade Commission and the photo exhibition. The day ended with a fashion show, where Danish Dyrberg / Kern showed their jewelry to the couple.

Joachim and Marie will be moving on to Moscow and St Petersburg in the coming days. In those cities, they will continue to check out Danish firms in Russia, as well as Russian landmarks.

Princess Madeleine Helps Disadvantaged in South Africa

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Princess Madeleine of Sweden is known for her good looks and sense of style. But she is also known for having a big heart for disadvantaged children, and these days she is helping those in South Africa for the charity, World Childhood Foundation. madeleine africa 1 225x300 Princess Madeleine Helps Disadvantaged in South Africa

Founded by her mother, Queen Silvia, in 1983, the charity aims at helping abused, neglected and impoverished children. It also aims at helping their mothers provide for their children.

The Princess met with South Africans living in poverty in Cape Town slums. She saw how they live, and learned about their lives. The Princess also helped them build fires and fetch water.

Princess Madeleine did all this to help start a WCF station in South Africa.  This, so more sustainable assistance for children there can be offered.

madeleine africa 2 300x225 Princess Madeleine Helps Disadvantaged in South AfricaSouth Africa is a difficult place for women and children. Every 26 seconds, a female is raped, no matter how young or how old. Many children grow up without a father. Families are torn apart by alcoholism and unemployment. Often, children run away from home to live on the streets. HIV rates are high in this country, with few being able to afford the treatments to slow the disease.

Princess Madeleine has done many works with children. She is the patron of Sweden’s “Min Stora Dag”, or “My Big Day”. It helps grant wishes of terminally ill children.

Last month, the Princess stopped by a hospital in Sweden to meet with sick children. In 2006, she interned at the United Nations.

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