April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Danish Royals To Broaden Cultural Ties In Tanzania

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Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are on an official tour of Tanzania this week. Their tour is based on the launch of the Danish Cultural Program in the east African nation. bilde 300x172 Danish Royals To Broaden Cultural Ties In Tanzania

The Queen and her husband will be taking part in Tanzanian, as well as Danish cultural events. The first Danish Culture Program in Tanzania will go on for a three year period and it seeks to support and protect Tanzania’s cultural identity and diversity through cooperation between Danish and Tanzanian artists.

When the Queen and the Prince arrived this morning in Dar es Salaam, the royal couple were greeted by an inferno of the drum dance and hoot when they were welcomed by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

The president had summoned hundreds of dancers – men with swords in hand, dancing the traditional harvest dance, and women in long colorful dresses waved the Tanzanian and blue-green flag.

After the colorful arrival, Margrethe and Henrik went on to the presidential home for official photography and guest accomodation.

The Queen and the Prince Consort will be staying in Tanzania until Thursday. During their time, they will experience a great variety of projects included in the Culture Program from storytelling in Morogoro to the opening of an art exhibition in Dar es Salaam.

Other events include an open air concert in Dar es Salaam where Danish and Tanzanian singers will perform for the Queen and her husband, as well as other dignitaries, and of course the general public.

Denmark is Tanzania’s biggest bilateral lender, so it is obvious that the two countries would share each other’s cultures.

Queen Rania Calls For Employment Of Arab Youths

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The Queen of Jordan wants to see Arab business leaders find work for young Arabs in the Middle East region. She said this on the first day of the two day 2nd conference of the Arab Sustainability Leadership Group (ASLG), held in Amman. queen rania1 300x188 Queen Rania Calls For Employment Of Arab Youths

“With 60 percent of our population under the age of 30 and one out of every four are unemployed, we have to create five million jobs per year just to prevent a rise in unemployment,” she warned.

Rania also noted that although literacy rates are high in the Arab world , “the gains in education are not being translated into gains in employment,” and reminded the attendees that each of their companies has a direct interest in investing in education.

When the ASLG met in Amsterdam for the first time in May, Queen Rania pledged to spotlight the issue of social equity to help unleash the potential of the future, noting that “youth are the main drivers of the economic force of the future.”

Since its formation earlier this year, the ASLG has worked to encourage businesses to balance profit with environmental protection and equal opportunity.

Formed by the Queen earlier this year, the group is open to all organizations based in the Arab region that are committed to the principles of sustainability.

Members agree to work towards the goals of ASLG, including adopting a strategy to implement sustainability management within their organizations, and having a plan in place to produce sustainability reports within a reasonable timeframe.

With quarterly meetings, the network has committed to discussing ways to change mindsets about sustainability and reporting, to increase public awareness of the benefits of reporting to companies and the public, and to discuss innovative ways of how to promote these issues.

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