March 28, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

A Royal Visit For Peru

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The King and Queen of Spain are on a three day state visit to the South American country of Peru.spain peru 201x300 A Royal Visit For Peru

The meaning of this trip is to strengthen bilateral alliances between the two nations.

Upon arriving in the capital of Lima, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were greeted by President Alan Garcia and his wife Pilar Nores.

After being welcomed, President Garcia privately met with the King as well as the ministers, vice ministers of foreign affairs and ambassadors from both countries. Once the meeting ended, the strategic association agreement was signed between the two countries.

The point of the association agreement is to increase ties between Spain and other countries. Already, Spain has signed the agreement with Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

“The bilateral relations between Peru and Spain will be stronger and much more intense after a strategic alliance agreement is signed between both countries,” said Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Antonio García Belaunde.

García Belaunde explained that this was the main reason the King and Queen came to Peru, stating this agreement would open the doors to political discussion, assistance and advice between the two nations.

According to Spanish sources, the strategic association alliance is a pact that favors the development of institutional, political and economic relations and speeds up the processing of other agreements still pending.

After their three day stay in Peru, Juan Carlos and Sofia will go to El Salvador for the 18th Latin American Summit. There, talks will be about the global financial crisis, but also youth and development.

Charles & Camilla Arrive In Japan

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Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have arrived in Japan for the start of their 10 day tour of east Asia.

The visit to Japan was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Amity and Commerce. japan britain prince tok2021 300x209 Charles & Camilla Arrive In Japan

“We are here to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between both our countries,” Charles said in an interview with the public broadcaster NHK at the British embassy here after his arrival.

He said he was particularly interested in “going to some of the more rural areas of Japan which I’ve always wanted to see and never had enough time on previous visits”.

This is Charles’ first visit to Japan in nearly twenty years. The last time he came, he was with the late Princess Diana. The two were in Japan for the coronation of Emperor Akihito.

Charles and Camilla were greeted by Crown Prince Naruhito at the Tokyo International Airport. Later tonight, there will be a dinner for the royal couple with the Emperor and Empress Michiko.

Another reason the Prince of Wales is in Japan, is to discuss enviromental issues. Prince Charles is very active in global warming issues, and voiced his concern as the world faces a credit crunch.

“If we don’t pay very careful attention to the environmental challenges we all face, then it will be even more difficult, I think, to recover in the future our economic well being.”

The Prince is expected to give a speech tomorrow at a science museum about the environment.

In the speech, to an audience of business leaders and politicians, he will reflect on the joint work already being done by Japanese and British scientists, and emphasize the important steps which the big G8 countries need to take in the fight against climate change.

After five days in Japan, Charles and Camilla will move on to Brunei and Indonesia – although the Duchess of Cornwall is not expected to accompany her husband to Indonesia. She is to fly back to the UK because it is said she cannot handle hot weather. Also, she will have to prepare celebrations for Prince Charles’ 60th birthday in the coming weeks.

Prince Harry Hopes To Be Helicopter Pilot

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Prince Harry hopes to follow in his older brother and uncle’s footsteps, and become a helicopter pilot in the British military. If he gets the chance, Harry may be able to serve in the military as he did earlier this year when he was deployed to Afghanistan. prince harry 199x300 Prince Harry Hopes To Be Helicopter Pilot

Harry is to attend a four-week “grading” next month to determine whether he is suitable for the Army Air Corps helicopter pilot training course, his Clarence House office said.

If Harry is successful and is accepted for the training, it could take up to two-and-a-half years to complete the course and learn to fly Gazelle, Lynx or Apache helicopters.

Harry, 23, already has passed the initial aptitude tests, the statement said.

“I’m impressed by the fact that Prince Harry has put himself forward for this,” defence analyst Paul Beaver said. “This is a difficult job.

“The training is difficult, the rate of failure is between 50 and 60 per cent – so there’s an opportunity here for embarrassment. However, he’s got the guts to say, ‘I’m going to do it.’ “

His older brother, Prince William, already has been trained in flying and landing Apache helicopters. The heir to the British throne will be begin training to be a rescue pilot in the Royal Navy next year.

The princes’ uncle, Andrew, Duke of York, flew a Sea King helicopter during the Falklands War for the Royal Navy.

Their father, Prince Charles, also qualified as a helicopter pilot in 1974, and flew missions from the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes.

Clarence House said Harry, third in line to the British throne, chose to try out for the helicopter unit because his tour of duty as a troop leader with the Household Cavalry is finished.

Harry is a second lieutenant with the Blues and Royals Regiment.

Since secretly serving in Afghanistan for 10 weeks earlier this year, Prince Harry has been trying to get redeployed, saying he feels there is still work to be done in Afghanistan. But for security issues, that dream has not come true.