April 28, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Jordanian King & Queen Arrive In Chile

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The King and Queen of Jordan are in South America for the start of their six day tour. This is so Jordan could strengthen its ties with the region in terms of political, economic and other aspects. In fact, several Jordanian businessman are accompanying the royal couple as way of broadening economic ties. jordan chile 300x199 Jordanian King & Queen Arrive In Chile

On Sunday, King Abdullah and Queen first arrived in Chile. President Michele Barchelet greeted them, and led them to the La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago for some talks.

One of the issues addressed in the meeting between Barchelet and the King was the need to consolidate competitive trade infrastructure, such as ports and logistics, to reduce the cost of trade and facilitate business.

Other issues discussed included research and development investments in transport and energy infrastructure, as well as environmental standards.

Chile is the first Latin American country the King and Queen are visiting as part of their tour of the region. Other countries they will be touring include Cuba, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras and Argentina.

Crown Princess Victoria Continues Tour Of India

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The future Queen of Sweden appears to be having a spectacular time in India. Besides meeting with dignitaries and representing her country, Crown Princess Victoria is taking time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Indian history and culture.victoria taj mahal 300x221 Crown Princess Victoria Continues Tour Of India

This weekend saw Victoria stop by India’s most famous landmark, the Taj Mahal in Agra. Although she saw the site alone, Victoria was reminded of a time when her parents visited the monument of love years earlier.

“It’s fantastic to be here. My parents have been several times before and I had talked a lot of the country, “said the Princess, according to the Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning.

After that, Victoria met with Raoul Gandhi, grandson of the assassinated Indira Gandhi.

victoria pune 2 300x156 Crown Princess Victoria Continues Tour Of India

Monday saw the princess move on to the city of Pune. There, she received a beautiful red scarf by the mayor Rajlaxmi Bhonsle during the official welcoming ceremony in the Aga Khan palace.

Later in the day, Victoria met with the Swedish Ambassador to India, Lars-Olof Lindgren, and Ashok Pathil, the headmaster of the Vikhe Pathil Memorial School. The three were entertained by the students of the school, who performed traditional Indian dancing and music. victoria pune 238x300 Crown Princess Victoria Continues Tour Of India

Afterwards, Victoria helped plant a tree on the school’s grounds.

The Crown Princess still has lots to do for the remainder of her tour. Next she moves on the Mumbai and Jodhpur. Mumbai should be a particularly exciting for Victoria, as she might get to meet some Bollywood movie stars!

Fall For Mette-Marit Hurts Ukrainian Visit

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Not one day into her trip to Ukraine and already it looks as if Crown Princess Mette-Marit will not be able to fulfill her visitmette marit kiev 238x300 Fall For Mette Marit Hurts Ukrainian Visit.

Earlier today, the princess fell on some stairs and hit her head so hard, scans show she is now suffering from a concussion.

Mette-Marit was meeting with the organization All-Ukrainian Network, for people who live with HIV or AIDS.

Now because of her accident, the Norwegian crown princess will have to cancel many engagements for the remainder of her trip, as doctors are telling her to rest for two days. Mette-Marit’s visit is to last until Wednesday.

This is not the first time Mette-Marit had to cancel on an official foreign visit. One of her first official visits, to Germany, was cancelled after she suffered severe sunburn during a TV interview. Earlier this year a scheduled trip to Chile was canceled after she fell ill.

Her trip to Ukraine is part of her role as a special envoy for the United Nations. It’s her fourth trip for UNAIDS, the organization that coordinates HIV/AIDS work in the UN. She earlier has traveled to Canada, Nicaragua and Malawi to encourage tolerance and acceptance of HIV/AIDS patients.