April 1, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Princess Grace Exhibition Opens In Moscow

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An exhibition dedicated the belongings of the late Princess Grace of Monaco opened at the Yekaterina Cultural Foundation in Moscow today. princess of monaco exhibition mosb109 300x188 Princess Grace Exhibition Opens In Moscow

The ”Epoch of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco” exhibit was opened by Grace’s youngest daughter, Princess Stephanie. The belongings on display include gowns, films, letters and photographs of the movie-star-turned-European-princess.

This is not the first time such an exhibit of the glamorous princess has been put on show. Last year, to mark the 25th anniversary of her death, an exhibit was opened in Monaco, where Grace served as princess to the late Prince Rainier. That exhibition has since toured the world, and is now in Russia.

“People in Russia don’t really know her as an icon of Hollywood,” said Russian construction tycoon Vladimir Seminikhin in a telephone interview from his residence in Monaco.

“They know her as royalty but that is usually it.”

princess of monaco exhibition mosb108 300x196 Princess Grace Exhibition Opens In MoscowGrace Kelly was an Academy-award winning actress before becoming a princess. She was well known for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock’s films, including “Dial M For Murder”. In 1955, she was introduced to Prince Rainier of Monaco. A year later, she married her prince, and retired from acting.

But that didn’t stop her from working the film camera. Part of the exhibition shows the homemade films Grace made showing her children Caroline, Albert and Stephanie.

Princess Grace was renowned for her style. Tragically, that was cut short in 1982 when she died from injuries sustained in a car accident.

After her death, her grieving husband treasured every object that belonged to Grace.

“After she died Prince Rainer treated objects that she touched, forks she ate with, as if they were religious relics. He wouldn’t let anyone else look at them,” Seminikhin said. “But Prince Albert thought it was important to show his mother in a personal light, and was always interested in showing these items off.”

This exhibition will run in Moscow until December 3rd.

Bahrain Crown Prince Visits Japan

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The Crown Prince of Bahrain is on a tour of Japan to increase bilateral ties between the two countries. bahrain cp japan 300x219 Bahrain Crown Prince Visits Japan

Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa yesterday held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso in Tokyo.

The two discussed ways for Japan and the tiny Middle Eastern country to develop ties in such areas as commercial, economic, investment, cultural, industrial, technology and educational fields.

Later, the Sheikh met with Emperor Akihito and Crown Prince Naruhito and held talks with senior government officials on how to develop ties to confront economic challenges.

Bilateral ties between the two countries date back to 1934 when Bahrain sent the first oil shipment to Japan after oil had been discovered in the kingdom in 1932.

Crown Princess Maxima In Paraguay For Finance Forum

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Dutch Crown Princess Maxima visited the town of San Antonio, outside of Asuncion, Paraguay today, to observe how funding is helping poor families in the area. maxima paraguay 300x187 Crown Princess Maxima In Paraguay For Finance Forum

The Argentinian-born princess, who was a banker before marrying Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of Holland, is in Paraguay to introduce a microfinance program to help the needy. This is for the inauguration of the XI edition of the Inter-American Microenterprise Forum, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The event, which will bring together 1,200 people and will end on Friday, also began with the participation of IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, the president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo.

In activities involving financial experts, government officials, private sector executives and representatives of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), they will discuss economic development in Latin America and the strategies to alleviate poverty.

Part of Maxima’s plan is to help families in Latin America develop their own businesses, through the benefits of microcredit. This means the families could start businesses such as selling clothes, crafts and food.

During an earlier press conference, Crown Princess Maxima was asked about the world’s financial crisis.

“To be honest, we are in the eye of the storm and still we do not know where the storm is going to appease, how long it will last and what levels will reach,” she said.

“I do not have a crystal ball, could not say how long it will last (the crisis),” she insisted.

Maxima acknowledged that, the product of the crisis, the financing of microfinance institutions “will be more expensive” and said that among the options for achieving that goal is going to development institutions or deposits of people.