March 26, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

PETA Outraged Over Danish Princess’s Fur Vest

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She may be only be 16 months old, but Princess Isabella of Denmark is already causing controversy. mary isabella 262x300 PETA Outraged Over Danish Princesss Fur Vest

Recent pictures show the toddler, on vacation with her family in Australia, wearing a multi-colored mink vest. Her mother, Crown Princess Mary, got the vest from a Danish fashion house, Heart Made.

“There’s just no excuse in this day and age to be wearing fur,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific director Jason Baker said.

“Princess Mary is looked up to by a lot of people in Europe and Australia and she’s looked up to as a mother. I hope people will send a message to her that this is wrong.”

“Isabella will have grown out of the coat in a few months, but those animals will still be dead,” Baker added.

Heart Made, however, defends Isabella’s right to wear fur.

“It’s a unique piece. It’s various colours of mink, sewn together, but turned inside out,” sales manager Elsa Adams said.

“It’s really warm and it’s very soft and it’s quite strong quality, as well.”

“Kids will keep quite warm when they wear things like that and it also looks cool, of course.”

Asked about opposition to fur, she said: “In the Nordic countries, it is very, very difficult not to have fur because we get very cold winters. Fur is very warm and you will find a lot in the stores.”

Crown Princess Mary has been photographed wearing fur herself once. She wore a fur coat to King Harald or Norway’s 70th birthday last year. She even received some fur as a wedding present.

Danish farms provide a reported 13.5 million mink skins a year, of 49 million produced worldwide.