March 6, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Man Arrested Over Japanese Crown Prince Death Threat

Posted in: Japan

A Japanese man has been arrested after allegedly posted death threats aimed at Crown Prince Naruhito on a website. capt 6bdbef3ed0e3403fa72c2e2e06afdadf japan royal family xkan1011 234x300 Man Arrested Over Japanese Crown Prince Death Threat

Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested the 31-year-old suspect, Takeshi Yamamoto from Gifu, central Japan, on Friday on suspicion he posted the threats against Naruhito and his family from his home computer.

“I will kill the Crown Prince” Yamamoto allegedly posted on a message board, under the username of “Masako”, which is the name of Naruhito’s wife.

Yamamoto, who is unemployed,┬áis charged with disturbing the work of police after imperial guards boosted security at the crown prince’s residence in light of the apparent threat, Jiji Press and Kyodo News said, quoting police officials.

Police say there is no evidence Yamamoto was actually planning on killing the Crown Prince or doing any harm to his family.