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Crown Princess Mary Speaks Out Against Cyber-Bullying At Charity Dinner

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Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary addressed the issue of cyber-bullying and sexual predators targeting children, at a Melbourne charity dinner. mary rudd 300x199 Crown Princess Mary Speaks Out Against Cyber Bullying At Charity Dinner

The charity – The Alannah And Madeline Foundation - is an organisation that works to keep children safe from violence. Crown Princess Mary is its international patron.

The dinner was held at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Art Deco. Dressed in a black cocktail dress, and accompanied by her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary told the 80 guests she has a similar foundation in Denmark, called The Mary Foundation. That one teaches children to have respect for one another.

“As children are the true essence of our future, the importance of providing them with the most basic right of having a safe and happy childhood can not be underestimated,” she explained.

“Children use the internet and their mobile phones to send harmful messages which marginalise children and can have devastating consequences,” she continued.

“As with bullying, cyber-bullying can lead to social isolations for those effected by it to a point where they can feel at the edge of their social network, and at the very worse of cases at the edge of life.”

The Danish royal said the community needed to ensure children were safe online.

“It’s frightening to know that 20 per cent of children online will be targeted by an online predator or pedophile each year,” she said.

“And, alarmingly, most children don’t tell adults about it for fear of losing access to their telephone or internet.”

National patron Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has at the dinner to welcome Mary back to her native Australia. He also spoke out against cyber-bullying.

“The new problem of cyber-bullying has become something of an epidemic.

“It requires therefore all of us at the level of being parents, at the level of community leadership, at the level of political leadership, to work together against a problem which now knows no geographic frontiers.”

capt 795b02464f9b4bacba5b24dc160b2d46 australia princess mary mel102 187x300 Crown Princess Mary Speaks Out Against Cyber Bullying At Charity Dinner“No child in any playground, in any classroom in any school in Australia should at any time fear for themselves or their safety, or for their dignity,” Rudd said.

Before the dinner, Mary thrilled the Alannah and Madeline Foundation by showing up unannounced at its Melbourne headquarters.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to find out more about how The Alannah And Madeline Foundation initiative works and to talk about our programs at The Mary Foundation,” Crown Princess Mary said.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation was set up after the two sisters, aged six and three, along with their mother, died when a gunman opened fire in Tasmania on April 28th 1996.

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Prince Harry Wants To Return To Afghanistan

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Prince Harry is asking military leaders for another tour in Afghanistan so he could fight Taliban insurgents, according to the Sun newspaper. harry afghan 01 300x198 Prince Harry Wants To Return To Afghanistan

The Prince spent 10 weeks fighting the Taliban in Helmand province earlier this year, until he was pulled out abruptly when the media made his deployment public.

“Harry has made no secret of the fact he wants to be there when the regiment returns to the front line next year. With one mission under his belt, he has the skills and experience which will make him an extremely valuable member of the battle group,” says a Blues and Royal source, where Harry is a Lieutenant.

The prince, who is third in line to the throne, was secretly sent to Afghanistan in December of last year. There, he fought along side the Gurkhas and lived like any other soldier. Meaning, he lived off rations, and in a camp was without electricity, running water or even basic sanitation. But, the 23-year-old had no complaints. “I think this is about as normal as I’m ever going to get,” he said.

The Prince even earned a medal in May for his service, awarded by his aunt, Princess Anne.

Harry, and other members of the Blues and Royals regiment are due to resume training at Windsor’s Combermere Barracks next week.

The regiment will begin six months of intense training for a second tour of Afghanistan next year, as well as other exercises in Britain.

Leading figures in the Army will now have to decide if the Royal can return to Afghanistan, but it is unlikely another media agreement will be made. This could lead to security and safety issues for Harry and his fellow troops.

Clarence House said there were no immediate plans to deploy the Prince back on the front line.

A spokesman said, “Prince Harry is committed to his career in the army and he remains ready to do whatever his required.”