April 27, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Jordanian King In Russia

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King Abdullah II met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday at the Black Sea resort of Sochi. There the two discussed economic and trade relations.capt 9d563c13e6464ad9b55a54150e6d0cf2 russia jordan mosb103 300x263 Jordanian King In Russia

“Economic ties are developing and trade turnover is increasing, although we would like it to grow even more intensively,” Medvedev said, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

“The discussion of a range of issues of international importance” was also developing, the Russian leader added.

Medvedev also thanked King Abdullah for offering to send humanitarian relief to separatists in South Ossetia, a region in neighboring Georgia, where Sochi is near.

“I want to separately thank you for your offer of humanitarian aid to South Ossetia following what happened in the region,” Medvedev said at the beginning of the meeting, broadcast on Russian television.

This was the third meeting between the two leaders in three months.

Crown Princess Letizia Goes Under The Knife

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The Princess of Asturias has gone for plastic surgery - to correct a breathing problem in her nose, the Royal Palace announced on Friday. dona letizia opera nariz desviacion1 227x300 Crown Princess Letizia Goes Under The Knife

Princess Letizia went for the surgery shortly after returning from the Beijing Olympics.

The septorhinoplasty she had – an operation to straighten the cartilage and bone that separates the nose into two sides – was carried out by palace medical staff to fix a deviated septum.

Patients with a deviated septum – the wall between the left and right sides of the nose – find that one side of their nose is wider than normal and one is narrower.

The consequences of a deviated septum can range from a mild impact on breathing to a complete lack of function of one or both nostrils.

Even with little or no breathing disturbances, a deviated septum can make the exterior bridge of the nose look crooked.

Princess Letizia’s first public appearance following the surgery was when she and her husband, Crown Prince Felipe, visited a Madrid hospital to meet with the survivors of the Spanair plane crash.

Naughty Prince Frederik?

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Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is set to reunite with his family in his wife’s home country of Australia once the Olympics close – but it may not be a happy reunion. frederik mary 196x300 Naughty Prince Frederik?

There are reports going around that two days after Crown Princess Mary left the Beijing Games for her vacation with the couple’s two young children, Frederik hit the Clup P superclub and had one too many drinks. Even worse, the club’s theme was the “Playboy Mansion” – modelling itself after the Hugh Hefner’s magazine and mansion.

The Danish heir’s group, including former Danish tennis player Kenneth Carlsen, was involved in heavy drinking before Frederik took part in a wild session on the dance floor.

At one point he was spotted taking the bunny ears from a waitress and putting them on a friend.

His bodyguards intervened at 3am and told the prince it was time to go home, it was reported.

The royal family is already dealing with published photos of young Prince Christian naked during a beach trip last month. Now, with these reports coming out about her husband’s behavior while she was away, Crown Princess Mary may not be having the vacation she was wishing for.

Prince Albert In Mongolia

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Prince Albert II of Monaco left Mongolia today, ending a two-day trip to further diplomacy with the quiet Asian country.

The Monagesque leader met with Mongolian president Nambaryn Enkhbayar before moving on to the Speaker of Parliament and the Mongolian Prime Minister. He also toured the  museum of the Archeological Institute at the Sciences Academy. The Prince even received a honrary doctorate degree from the University of Education in Ulaanbaatar.

Ties between the two countries began only three months ago, but they are off to good start. Albert’s visit was centered on the cultural, scientific and environment sectors. The government of Monaco gave $20,000 in a non-refundable aid for the joint archeological research work for UNESCO, a project the two nations are teaming up on.

Despite all this, the Mongolia has a lot to learn about its new friend.

The Mongolian news agency Montsame addressed the Prince as “His Majesty” – an address bestowed to Kings and Queens, not princes. The correct address to the Prince of Monaco is “His Serene Highness”.

Mongolia seems to be popular with royals lately. Just days ago, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was in Ulaanbaatar to receive an honorary degree, just like Albert. He also was there to help develop Denmark and Mongolia’s environmental ties. The Danish heir also took some time in the countryside to practice archery and eat traditional foods.