April 19, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Barack Obama Meets Jordan’s King Abdullah

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Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama met with Jordan’s King Abdullah II on his stop in the kingdom during his world tour. The two discussed Middle Eastern politics on a one-on-one discussion.r3730252479 261x300 Barack Obama Meets Jordans King Abdullah

The King met Obama in his royal palace in Amman. During their talks, Abdullah II told the Senator that an evenhanded U.S. policy would boost America’s credibility in the Middle East. In addition, the King told Obama that achieving Palestinian statehood was essential for ending the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to a royal palace summary cited by the Associated Press.

After the discussion, a dinner was held which included Queen Rania, and two Senators – Jack Reed and Chuck Hagel – whom accompanied Obama. After the dinner, King Abdullah drove the presidential hopeful to the airport, where Obama continued to Israel for his world tour. After Israel, Obama would then go to the European countries of France, Great Britain and Germany.

Prince William Pays Tribute To His Late Mother

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In a touching tribute to the late Princess of Wales, Prince William has put a small red sea shell in the centre of the design of his crest for the Order of the Garter Knighthood. The scallop originates from the Spencer family, and was used by Princess Diana herself. It is a break from tradition for the Royal Family, as they normally do not use maternal symbols for their embelms.

The scallop was included by Prince William’s insistence, who paid close attention to the design.

diana william crest 779757c 300x187 Prince William Pays Tribute To His Late Mother

Peter Gwynn-Jones, garter principal King of Arms at the College of Arms, said: “It is a welcome innovation to incorporate maternal symbols into the Royal Family’s arms and it is something that Prince William and his family wanted to do.

“In the fullness of time, Prince William’s Arms will change as the Prince of Wales’ shall, but a precedent has been set here that others in the Royal Family may well follow.”

The crest will now be mounted above his seat at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle where the Prince was formally appointed to the elite order by the Queen in a ceremony last month, becoming its 1,000th member.