March 30, 2015 -- Updated 4:10 pm GMT

Norway’s King Harald Leads Boat Race

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The sail boat of Norway’s King Harald is in the lead after three days in a World Championship sailing competition. The six day champioship is taking place in a Norwegian fjord – which an area the King is very familiar with as a royal summer residence is there.

King Harald is the latest royal to get involved in sailboat racing. Last week, Queen Silvia of Sweden oversaw a charity boat race in her native Germany. A few days earlier her daughter, Princess Madeleine, took part in a charity boat race in Sweden.

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Prince William Trains For Hurricane Disaster Exercise

Posted in: United Kingdom

Prince William is still in the Caribbean for his Navy Training. This time, he was taught how to deal with a category 5 hurricane disaster in Montserrat. There, according to the Telegraph, the Prince learned to help those who were pretending to be victims of such a crisis.

According to the HMS Iron Duke Captain, William was a “natural” at leading his crew into helping those in need:

“Sub-Lieutenant Wales, as part of his remit on board, has been involved in the planning from the outset, and that’s primarily in developing a plan and understanding of the nature of the infrastructure on Montserrat,” he said.

“With Sub-Lieutenant Wales, it’s reasonably easy – what you have is an Army officer who understands a military context. He understands instinctively the business of command and where his teams fit in there.

“What I have seen is his ability to integrate very quickly into teams, whether it be at the command level or the very low tactical level.

“Being sent away with a small group to lead and conduct a particular task – that, to him, is second nature.”

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